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Edward and Bella among Seventeen's
Cutest TV and Movie Couples List

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, Twilight
Here’s a love that will literally last forever. This couple has had an intense bond since they first met when Bella moved to Forks, Washington. Edward was so attracted to Bella (well…Bella’s smell) that he couldn’t even attend school! Since that initial encounter in science class, Bella and Edward have risked everything to be with one another.

Preview: Robert Pattinson 2012 Calendar

You can pre-order this from Amazon by clicking here.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What would Rob, Kristen and Taylor camp out for?

In an interview with EmpireOnline, they told us!
Here's the original video:

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz Moving in Together?!

According to EOnline! Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are thinking of buying a place in New York together!

The Twilight hunk said that he's considering splitting an apartment with his castmate so they can both be bicoastal.

"I was talking to Ashley about maybe sharing a place out here in New York. We're never here at the same time but we both love New York. So we'd be rooommates without being roommates...more like housemates!"

"I really look forward to the tours, I love the premieres, I love the fan conventions, but shooting the movie is kind of the tough part. It's so long being away and it's gloomy where we shoot. I'm not sad that we're actually done with the movie because we have all these other amazing things coming up."

When the interviewer asked Kellan if he had seen Rob's new Comic-Con haircut, he laughed and admitted he hadn't, saying:
"I've only seen a picture of it. He looks pretty badass."

Thanks to Gossip Dance for the tip!

Edward Cullen Mention During American Baseball Game!

Kristen Stewart Smells!

Like grass...


According to Director Arthur Cohn (The Yellow Handkerchief), Kristen Stewart "smells like freshly mown grass, she never uses perfume."


Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz Reveal Potential ‘Breaking Dawn’ Blooper Reel Material!

Once word got out about our exclusive Comic-Con Q&A with the cast of “Breaking Dawn,” fans took to Twitter in droves to ask for the inside scoop on everything from behind-the-scenes gossip to the vampire stars’ preferred brand of body glitter! But when we sat down with Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, there were two questions that really stood out…and garnered a couple surprising answers.

First on the list: a “Breaking Dawn” blooper reel! Is this an Actual Thing we might see on the DVD?

Sadly, the stars couldn’t confirm—but if there is such a reel, Ashley knows exactly which behind-the-scenes shenanigans she’d most like to see on it.

"We kind of pulled a prank on the director," she explained. "The whole entire extended cast—like, every vampire coven—decided to plan out this dance, and do it instead of doing the scene."

We'll put in a pause here, so that everyone can gape in slack-jawed awe at the image of a thousand sparkly vampires doing the Tootsie Roll (or, even better, their own version of "Thriller"!) And Ashley revealed that their impromptu choreography had the desired effect: "Bill [Condon, the director] started hysterically laughing," she remembered. So if there is a blooper reel? "I think that would definitely be on there."

And now, the question on everyone's mind: do the "Twilight" stars ever google themselves, or read about themselves on Wikipedia?

"Oh, I have to read my Wikipedia page," Ashley said. "Because some people like to go on, and put untrue facts about you on it."

And while we'd ordinarily go on to ask who would ever do such a ghastly thing, Mr. Kellan Lutz's gleeful evilgrin leaves little question as to the identity of the culprit.

"What are you talking about?" he asked. "And how are your three kids doing?"

Should Kellan be punished for his nefarious Wikipedia-defacing activities? (Of course he should! Now who wants to spank him?)

5 New Stills From Jackson Rathbone's film "Aim High"

Click to enlarge :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Tickets Available In Australia!

Click here to get your tickets!!

Thanks to UKTwilight for the tip :)

Rob to attend the 2011 Teen Choice Awards!

From USA Today
Fox has also announced that fans will be able to watch the Teen Choice 2011 red carpet and backstage action with a live webcast airing Sunday, Aug. 7 (3:30-5:00 PM PT live/6:30-8:00 PM ET live) online at

Stars to look for include Robert Pattinson, Demi Lovato, Ellen DeGeneres, Tyra Banks, Jason Bateman, Justin Bieber, Rachel Bilson, Rebecca Black, Rose Byrne, John Cena, Cat Deeley, Zooey Deschanel, Cameron Diaz, Tom Felton, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kat Graham, Ashley Greene, Lucy Hale, Ed Helms, Chris Hemsworth, Gillian Jacobs, Joe Jonas, Victoria Justice, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Lautner, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Tyler Posey, Maggie Q, Avril Lavigne, Katie Leclerc, Kellan Lutz, Vanessa Marano, Joel McHale, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, Nikki Reed, Zoƫ Saldana, Taylor Swift, Paul Wesley, Shane West and Shaun White.

The Hollywood Reporter has also reported that Rob is scheduled to appear.
In addition, Robert Pattinson, Demi Lovato and Ellen DeGeneres have been added to the list of celebrities making appearances.

The Teen Choice Awards 2011 is on Sunday, Aug. 7 in Los Angeles. The show will air live on Fox at 8 pm(ET)Have you voted yet? For a reminder of the nominees and details on how to vote, click here.

Thanks to RPLife for the tip!

Official Breaking Dawn Poster: The Cullens and Jacob.

Aww... how sweet of the Cullens to let their pet dog in the picture! ;)
Just kidding, Team Jacob :)

Some of the fans who attended Comic Con were lucky enough to get this poster as a gift from Summit, and we now we have the online version for your viewing pleasure!
You can click on the picture above to make bigger, or download the UHQ image (Thanks to @Twilight) by clicking here.

So what do you think about the new looks for all of the characters?
Let us know your thoughts...comment below!

MTV Rough Cuts Talks Breaking Dawn with Bill Condon

Okay, these interviews are all must-see's!

In the first one, Bill talks about Rob's powerful scene at the end of Breaking Dawn part 1 and
**spoiler alert**
a toast that Edward gives to Bella...

This next one talks about the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack... While Bill Condon doesn't say whether our dreams will come true, and Rob will be on it... well... just have a listen.... ;)

Video #3 is just a little about the wedding, and how Bill decided to shoot it. I'm so happy with his answer! It sounds like he really gets it :D 

Next, he talks about the most emotional scene

And finally... he talks about what we're all dying to see! 

Hmm... what does Rob think?!

Anna Kendrick to Guest Star on ‘Family Guy’

Word on the street is that Anna will be guest starring on the hit comedy TV show Family Guy later this year.
The line-up was announced at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday!

Video: Ian Somerhalder Calls Robert Pattinson Sexy!

Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon on the CW series “The Vampire Diaries,” says Robert Pattinson, star of the “Twilight” films, is a “pretty sexy dude.”

Somerhalder, 32, made his comments to at the recent Comic-Con International convention in San Diego, California (see video above – warning, contains questionable language).

“I don’t think anybody can touch that guy,” the actor said about Pattinson. “That guy has like 100 million ‘Twilight’ fans worldwide. I think he’s a pretty sexy dude because about 100 million women say so.”

Both “The Vampire Diaries” and the “Twilight” movies are based on books and the actors who portray their main characters have massive fan followings. The “Twilight” films have made more than $1.8 billion worldwide.

Pattinson, a 25-year-old British actor, plays the vampire Edward Cullen and reprises his role in the fourth installment, “Breaking Dawn,” alongside Kristen Stewart, who plays his love interest, Bella Swan. The first part hits theaters on November 11.

You can check out the full article by clicking here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

'Abduction' gets some Release Dates!

**Please keep in mind that these dates could be subject to change!**

  • Greece: September/22/11
  • Russia: September/22/11
  • Hungary: September/22/11
  • USA: September/23/11
  • Canada: September/23/11
  • Singapore: September/23/11
  • UK: September/28/11
  • France: September/28/11
  • Czech Republic: September/29/11
  • Chile: September/29/11
  • Hong Kong: September/29/11
  • Denmark: September/29/11
  • Sweden: September/30/11
  • Estonia: September/30/11
  • Germany: October/13/11
  • Finland: October/14/11
  • Italy: October/27/11
  • Portugal: November/3/11
Source / via

Video: Full Breaking Dawn Comic-Con Press-Conference!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snow White and The Huntsman Panel @ Comic-Con

(HQ Pics - Click for Original Size)
That's what I like to see - smiley Kristen! She looks gorg & seems to be having some fun! WIN!
  Thanks @KStewartFans





Videos: Source

Official Photo of Kristen Stewart as Snow White

(Click for Original Size)

She looks like she gonna kick some butt... Kristen fits the part perfectly! 
She does fragile & fierce really well!

Friday, July 22, 2011

First Bel Ami Trailer!


What do you think of it?

HUGE thanks to RobstenLovex for finding it!! :D

The Original Channel had the trailer set to private, but have since removed the video.
This video is courtesy of redazionecinefilos.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Three new 'Breaking Dawn' Comic-Con promo
character-cards revealed

Three Comic-Con promo character-cards from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 have been unveiled today by USA Today, as well as a new quote from director Bill Condon:
Bill Condon, director of the final two Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn, Part I (out Nov. 18) and Part II (Nov. 16, 2012), sees Cullen and Black as part of a long tradition of rooting for the noble monster, dating to the original Frankenstein film in 1931.

"We've always had a complicated relationship toward monsters. Don't you feel like in every Dracula movie, you're sort of wanting him to get away with it?" Condon says, laughing.

The two-sided cards feature “Bella” (Kristen Stewart), “Edward” (Robert Pattinson), and “Jacob” (Taylor Lautner) on one side, and mini-bios on the other.

Check them out below! (Click the images to make them bigger)
For “Jacob”, his group listing contains two names:
the Quileute Wolf Pack (a.k.a. “Sam’s” group), and The Black Pack, his own new pack, headed by him and followed by “Leah” and “Seth Clearwater.”

Appropriately, then, his quote is: “I am the grandson of a chief. I wasn’t born to follow you or anyone else.”

For “Bella,” the biographical information contains her full, married name for the first time (“Isabella Marie Swan Cullen”), considers her part of the “Cullen Coven,” and cutely lists her date of transformation as “TBD” (or “To Be Determined”).
Also, for special abilities, it is noted, “Her mind is impenetrable; no one can read her thoughts unless she allows it. She can shield herself from all types of physical attacks.”
The note also contains a quote from her: “Yeah, I’m ready.”

For “Edward,” little is new except his own quote: “I’ve been waiting a century to marry you, Miss Swan.”


Wow, there's been some Great Breaking Dawn goodies to start off Comic-Con week, hasn't there? :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New "Abduction" Still!

Click for bigger!

Are you looking forward to this film?

MTV will be at Comic-Con this year!!

...and they're bringing us a "Breaking Dawn Livestream Extravaganza"!

From MTV:
Bite Into Our 'Breaking Dawn' Livestream During Comic-Con!

That's right, Twilighters. MTV News is taking over Comic-Con and we're starting with your favorite vampire romance.
This Thursday at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, we'll kick-off our three-day "MTV News: Comic-Con Takeover" with a "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1" livestream extravaganza, featuring a full hour of interviews and a Q&A with the cast. And, of course, we want your input! Tweet your questions to @MTVNews using the hashtag #MTVSDCC, and a bloodsucker may just chew on your query!

It will all go down on (and Hollywood Crush, naturally), so stay tuned for that on June 21!

We'll continue to cover the San Diego convention from every angle throughout the weekend, so keep close for scoop on "Glee," "True Blood, "Vampire Diaries" and more!

What questions do you have for the "Twilight" cast? Are you as excited for Comic-Con as we are?

Bill Condon talks about Breaking Dawn at Comic-Con

Thanks to the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, a few of director Bill Condon's thoughts on the upcoming Breaking Dawn Comic-Con panel (taking place in Hall H, at 11:15AM on July 21st.) have been revealed.

Evidently, Condon has never before been to Comic-Con, so he isn't quite accustomed to the boisterous reception the Twilight Saga's cast and filmmakers tend to get at these shows. "It sounds insane! It sounds exciting," he told the publication.

It seems it's also been a tad difficult for him to narrow down which exclusive clip(s) will be shown at the event. "I'm trying to figure that out now. It's a bit of a challenge cause we don't want to give away the wedding dress, and some of the other big action scenes have wolves that won't be ready in time."

Still, his excitement over attending Comic-Con is unmoved. "What I'm really looking forward to is the experience of [screening the clips] with people who care so deeply about this."

A scan of the article in question can be found by clicking here. So, what can we take away from this feature?

Well, for one, Bill Condon will be there. That's rather unsurprising since, in previous years, the director has usually been on-hand for the panel. A second insinuation contained in the piece is that there'll be more than one clip from Breaking Dawn shown at the event. This, too, isn't shocking since with The Twilight Saga: New Moon's panel in 2009, two clips were shown (thusly setting a bar of expectation that would be difficult to lower).

We have less than two days to go now until the Breaking Dawn panel takes place, and Twilight fans have been spotted camping out for the event as of yesterday! 

Entertainment Weekly will reportedly carry a web-based live-stream of Comic-Con next week for those who
will not be in attendance of the show.

We'll let you know more about that as soon as we can!

Thanks to Twilight Examiner and KStewAngel for the heads-up!

So, are you excited that Bill Condon is saving the dress for the big screen?
Or do you want to see EVERYTHING beforehand? Let us know in the comments below! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Look at Emily In ‘Breaking Dawn’ (Tinsel Korey)

Click for bigger!

2 TV Spots for Taylor Lautner’s film "Abduction"



4 x Outtakes of Ashley Greene for Mark Cosmetics!

Click to enlarge!

Public Libraries to Seek to prohibit “Twilight”

However difficult it is to believe – especially for the millions of Twihards – the favourite vampire saga, “Twilight,” has made many people think that perhaps the hot book should be prohibited.
In a study by the American Library Association in 2009, the series of “Twilight” was fifth among the most requested books by the public to be banned in public libraries. It is accompanied by: the novels of “Harry Potter” and the American classic “To Kill a Mocking Bird”.
One can argue that a book has not made a big culture shock if you have not upset someone at some point, and if that is the case, then it really was inevitable that “Twilight” appeared on the list someday. And the reason why the respondents asked to Stephenie Meyer’s books were banned, the answer is not very surprising – people complained about the writing sexually explicit and offensive language.
Of course “Twilight has been banned and no doubt some day happen. But that does not mean that people will vote against him in these surveys. “To Kill a Mockingbird” was published in 1960 and still receives criticism.

Sexually explicit and offensive language?
Excuse me?! Have they read the books? LOL

What do you think about this?
Let us know in the comments below! :)

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'Harry Potter' beats 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' midnight sales record

Via Twilight Examiner:

As expected, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 has taken The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s midnight sales record, by bringing in “a mind-boggling $43 million worth of tickets at 3,800 mostly sold-out midnight shows,” per the New York Post.
Eclipse set the record last year with $30 million, but earlier this week, advanced ticket sales figures alone indicated that midnight sales would surpass that number easily; and so it was.

Also of interest, Fandango is reporting that it “has sold more midnight and early morning show tickets for Part 2 than it has for the late night openings of any other movie,” including The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Harry Potter could also potentially snag the record for highest Opening Day Gross from New Moon (which brought in $72.7 million), as some sources predict today’s opening will yield up to $80 million. If that’s the case, HP8 would also overtake New Moon‘s Single Day Gross and Single Friday Gross records as well.

However! Eclipse still boasts the highest Single Wednesday Gross and highest number of opening theaters (4,416 to Harry Potter's 4,300).

Closer look (inside) at the Breaking Dawn 2012 Calendar!

Just last month, we posted about the official sixteen month calendar for Breaking Dawn - Part 1.
Two Days later, we had the HQ still of the image that's on the front cover, and now, thanks to tweets from Jack Morrissey (Bill Condon's Partner), we have a much closer look at the images inside!

Check 'em out below! (Click for bigger)

Front cover ("The foil letters kinda sparkle!")
Inside Cover
January - Edward
February - Bella
March - Alice
April - Jacob
May - Rosalie
June - Jasper
July - Esme
August - Emmett

September - Carlisle
October - Edward
November - Bella
December - Jacob
Back Cover
Back Cover Again

Twilight Examiner has gone over each of the images, and has this to say:

The character images incorporated into the calendar show a few distinctions between their "look" in this film as compared with the previous three.
First, "Carlisle" (Peter Facinelli) has a new hair-do that, arguably, makes him look a bit younger (in the book, he was described to look around 23-years-old).
Secondly, "Alice" (Ashley Greene) does indeed have shorter hair in Breaking Dawn than in the previous three, as noticed with a look at the first still images from Breaking Dawn. In the book, her character is described as having pixie-like hair which sticks out in various places (thanks to The Guide, we can now know why that is . . . I digress). Another change is Rosalie ("Nikki Reed"), who looks much more fierce and quite beautiful in her character image.

The calendar will be released August 1st,  and is available for pre-order from amazon :)
Will you be buying it when it is released?