Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Poster and trailer for Ashley Greene's New Movie "Apparition"

A new trailer and poster for Ashley Greene's upcoming film "The Apparition" has been released!
She filmed this back in April 2010, so it's about time we got something official!! ;)
Giving eager fans a sneak peek into their new film, Warner Brothers Pictures released the trailer and poster for the new flick “The Apparition” on Wednesday (May 23) via iTunes Movie Trailers starring Ashley Greene

In the new horror/thriller, a couple becomes haunted by a supernatural presence that is unleashed during a college experiment. After realizing that there is no place to run from the apparition, the couple turns to a supernatural expert to hopefully save them in time.

The Todd Lincoln directed film’s poster shows off the “Twilight” starlet on the cover as she’s being covered in eerie hands with a caption reading, “Once you believe you die.”

The supernatural flick, which also stars Sebastian Stan and Tom Felton is set to hit theaters August 24.

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THREE New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Character Posters!

The Official Twilight Facebook today announced a super special Twilight scavenger hunt!

Twilight Fans rushed to unscramble 22 jumbled names in order to unlock three new Breaking Dawn Posters.... it took just under an hour but the fandom worked hard and now we have the posters!
Click here to download them or check them out below!