Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday to Kellan Lutz.....or should that be to us ;)

Kellan turns25 today - if you are on twitter please tweet #HappyBirthdayKellan - let's get it trending!!

Kristen & Dakota talk to MTV

Remember Me poster in the London Underground

Thanks to @samrosey

Rob on set of Bel Ami and in costume....

Behind the scenes - The making of New Moon

Clip 1: As any good Twilighter knows, some major changes occurred between the first two films. Most significant was the fact that principal shooting was moved from Portland to Vancouver, meaning that many of the real locations utilized by Catherine Hardwicke would need to be duplicated. In this clip, the folks behind the production talk about some of the bigger challenges on the sequel — including rebuilding Bella's home with a new window for Jacob, and using the film's increased budget to give the stars a more substantial, adult wardrobe. 

Clip 2: "Hey, guys, it's Taylor Lautner. We are in the rainy cold of the Pacific Northwest, and it is the first day of filming on 'New Moon,' " the boy/man known as Taycob explains at the beginning of this clip, which explains the development of Bella and Jacob's relationship. "Really, it's Jacob putting her back together in some way," director Chris Weitz explains of their dynamic in the middle of the film, as Bella deals with Edward's absence by growing closer to the teen wolf. "And yet, the sad thing about it is that even when Jacob is helping Bella pick up the pieces as it were, it's so that she can go off and see her vampire ex." 

Clip 3: Adrenaline-pumped Taylor Lautner puts his fears aside as he's shooting this action-packed transformation scene, a pivotal moment in the "New Moon" story line. "Bella and Jacob are running towards each other — Bella thinks Jacob is going to grab her and wrap her up in his arms and Jacob [goes] right over top of her," Taylor tells us as he's all harnessed up. "I get jolted up in the air 10 feet; it's kind of dangerous." The clip gives fans a cool peek at the behind-the-scenes techniques used to get the stunt just right (check out the cardboard wolf standee in the middle of the field). "In the moment, I'm not thinking about the danger involved," Lautner explained in the footage. "Because I have so much adrenaline going."

New Pics of Robert Pattinson on 'The Early Show'

More pics have surfaced of the gorgeous man laughing, making silly faces, sipping from a mug and being just plain sexy :) Enjoy!

FAMOUS (AU): Kristen - 'Why won't ROB commit?' & reporting FAIL about Taylor's fake abs!

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FAMOUS is well, famous, for reporting the darnest things - This week is no exception!

First up, apparently the couple 'officially' confirmed their relationship? Pfft! @GossipCop has basically stamped any article/publication/news story claiming the 'coming out' as false thus far (Good work guys!)

Secondly, FAMOUS likes to reference 'friends' of Kristen to verify information... more like imaginary friends in my humble opinion!

Thirdly, the FAIL of the Year award so far goes to the "FAB ABS OR FAKE" article on the bottom right corner. You see, the 'New Moon' poster picture isn't one from the movie! It's actually FAN MADE! *GASP!* You can check it out in its full glory here. (Thanks to @newmoonmovie). So now you know the truth and it's hilarious when FAMOUS reports that the 'film executives where quick to quash the vicious rumours' saying it was the model's pic that ripped off Taylor's abs... *slams fists on the floor in fits of laughter*.... oh boy *wipes tear* Thanks for the laughs FAMOUS :) Now I *KNOW* everything you print is truth! *cough* ~ Mel (@OzTwilightTwit)