Saturday, April 2, 2011

Robert Pattinson talks Water for Elephants, plus 2 BTS videos!

Interview snippets with Rob.

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BTS Footage!

What Mementos Did Jamie Campbell Bower Take From The ‘Harry Potter’ & ‘Twilight’ Sets?

Jamie Campbell Bower talked to Access Hollywood yesterday, about some of the things he took from the Twilight Sets, as well as what fans can expect from the Volturi in Breaking Dawn

Summit Reacts to Leaked Photos

Summit Entertainment contacted several Twilight fan sites yesterday in regards to the numerous leaked photos and stills from the upcoming Breaking Dawn. You can read the entire contents of the e-mail below.

Dear Twilight Saga fans,

As some of you may know, pictures and screen grabs of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn as a work in progress have leaked on the internet. We are extremely proud of this film and also extremely heartbroken to see it out there at this stage.

The film and these images are not yet ready or in their proper context. They were illegally obtained and their early dissemination is deeply upsetting to the actors, the filmmakers and Summit who are working so hard to bring these movies to fruition to you in November 2011 and November 2012.

Please, for those who are posting, stop. And please, though the temptation is high, don’t view or pass on these images. Wait for the film in its beautiful, finished entirety to thrill you.


Stephenie Meyer, Bill Condon, Wyck Godfrey and Summit Entertainment  

ITS will not be posting the photos, though I personally inadvertently saw a few before I realized what they were. How many of you have seen them? How many of you (like me) are trying desperately to hold out until November? Think we'll make it?