Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wolf Pack & Emily Pics of New Cast for Eclipse

(L-R) Alex Meraz (Paul), Chaske Spencer (Sam), Bronson Pelletier (Jared),
Kiowa Gordon (Embry)
Tinsel Korey (Emily)

Tyson Houseman (Quil Ateara)

'Eclipse' - Cast & Filming Updates

Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater)

Boo Boo (Yes Really) Stewart (Seth Clearwater)

Principle photography on "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," is underway in Vancouver, Summit Entertainment said in a statement released today.
There will be a few new faces in this third installment of the popular vampire franchise.
"Along with director David Slade, several new actors are joining the TWILIGHT family including Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria, Xavier Samuel as Riley, Catalina Sandino Moreno as Maria, Jack Huston as Royce King, Julia Jones as Leah, BooBoo Stewart as Seth, and Jodelle Ferland as Bree," Summit confirmed.

For the Twihards, the favorite original gang will also be returning. "Also continuing in the saga as The Cullen Family are Ashley Greene as Alice, Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, Elizabeth Reaser as Esme, Kellan Lutz as Emmett, Nikki Reed as Rosalie, and Jackson Rathbone as Jasper. Billy Burke also returns as Charlie Swan."

"Eclipse" will be released theatrically in North America on Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria)

Jack Huston (Royce King)

Xavier Samuel (Riley)

Jodelle Ferland (Bree)

Dakota Fanning (Jane)

Cataline Sandino Moreno (Maria)

Headlines for Eclipse

Vanessa Hudgens is NOT starring in 'Eclipse' as Leah Clearwater - Julia Jones is.

Other new cast members are:

BooBoo Stewart as Seth Clearwater
Jodelle Ferland as Bree

Pics & More Story Soon!!!

Kristen - Not a fan of Interviews

Gossip Centre reports:
While she loves most of the aspects of her newfound fame, Kristen Stewart finds giving interviews to be a very nerve-wracking ordeal. The “Twilight” actress recently told press that when it comes to talking to reporters, she suffers from almost overwhelming apprehension.
Miss Stewart explained, “Practice helps a lot. I just get so nervous in interviews. I don’t prepare it. I just do it. It’s gotten easier with experience.” “It’s like you realize that even if you totally botch it completely, it’s not that bad. Even if it turns out horribly and everyone thinks that you’re a totally incapable human, it’s like ‘Well, God, okay, never mind.’”

Kristens Wig Testing and Liz & Nikki Shop

Lainey Gossip reports that Kristen Stewart was at a salon yesterday trying on wigs, weaves, etc. They still haven’t quite figured out what they are going to do with the post Joan Jett hair that Kristen is sporting.

Also, Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser were spotted out on the town shopping.


Xavier Starts Filming

Twilight hottie Xavier Samuel enters a film studio in Vancouver, Canada to begin work on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Monday (August 17).
On the same day, costar Peter Facinelli tweeted, “First day of filming on Eclipse starts today! :) My part starts filming next week, so today… more fight training.”

Over the weekend, Xavier rocked out at the Kings of Leon concert with his fellow Twilight costars and High School Musical couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

Pressure on Taylor for New Moon!

Buddy Tv has an article on the success of New Moon being put on Taylor Lautners' rather broad shoulders.

"And pressure it is, indeed. He almost didn't get the role, remember? It was a mix of fan clamor and the need for continuity (that was eventually broken when Rachelle Lefevre lost Victoria for Eclipse) that powered his return, I think. And then came the hard work: he did work out a lot and, according to Taylor himself, the 11-month training got too much at one point. "My body fat got so low that we actually needed to increase it a little bit," he said. "My trainer would be like, 'Go have a huge milkshake just so I can get a thousand calories into your body.'"
Thankfully he's dealing well with the pressure, and everyone's noticing it. "I think that Taylor is really going to surprise people in the movie," Weitz told the magazine. "People have seen his body and all that stuff and it's a shocker because it's hard to believe that anyone can be quite so carved. But he actually delivers a really great performance. He wasn't just exercising all day, he was also reading the book quite a lot."

You can read the rest of Buddy TV article here!

Kristen Stewart is Dazed & Confused

Just Jared Jr. reports "Kristen Stewart becomes a kaleidoscope on the September 2009 cover of Dazed & Confused. In the upcoming issue, the 19-year-old actress takes a break from playing Joan Jett in the forthcoming film of her life, The Runaways, to talk rock’n'roll, rumours, and waging war on the paparazzi.
Also featured in the mag are unseen 60s photography by Dennis Hopper, forgotten films by the Velvet Underground, and Stanley Kubrick’s movie masterpiece that never was. Dazed & Confused hits shelves THIS Thursday, August 20th".

Pre-'Twilight' Robert Pattinson shines in How To Be

Examiner online Reports -"As a young woman I unfortunately am not immune to "Pattinson Fever." We get it he is very handsome and charming, but besides all of that he has great acting chops to boot. In 2008's How To Be Rob Pattinson stars as Art a twenty-something that like most twenty-somethings is a bit lost.

Art, having broken up with his girlfriend and broke in general moves back in with his distant parents. Distant in the sense that Art is not anything special to them. One thing that Art does do well is playing music, kind of. He is not successful but he does try.

The great thing about How To Be is that it shows how difficult it is to be a musician, to be a child, to be an adult, to be in a relationship, and to be yourself through it all. The soundtrack for the film also features a few songs from Pattinson that he sings as Art.
How To Be is soon to be released on DVD in America."

'How to Be' is available on Amazon.Co.Uk

Kellan - Holy HotNESS!!! Old Gun Show

Now, we are not sure where or when these were taken, they look a few years old to us but we never need an excuse to go to a good Gun Show & Kellan always provides good Guns!!

The Funny For Tuesday - Twilight Facebook Updates - Click the Picture to make it Bigger

Letters to Twilight posted this a while ago, but re-posted today. I think its the funniest thing i have seen in a long time.

Dakota Fannings NY Time PhotoShoot

New Moon Kiss Gif Image

UNF! on Twitpic


More Cast Pics from Water St. Cafe Vancouver on Saturday night

Bryce & Xavier

Ashley & Jackson

Kristen, Elizabeth, Taylor & Robert
Taylor & Robert


Kristen & Robert

Elizabeth (Reaser)




With thanks to Robert Pattinson Unlimited

New Moon Calendar Pics - Link to Photobucket

I was going to post the 10 pictures I have from the New Moon calendar but I didn't want to spoil it for anyone who just happens across them here. So I have uploaded them to PhotoBucket and you can view them there if you wish. Let me know if you have any problems. Cheers, Bee.

Photobucket Link -