Sunday, May 20, 2012

Snow White And The Huntsman: The Costumes

Check out this AWESOME video with the SWATH Costume Designer, Colleen Atwood.
In it, she talks about all of the costumes for the SWATH set, including the beautiful yet intimidating Queen's outfits, and how they ultimately wanted Kristen Stewart's outfits to be 'badass'!
There's also some nice Behind the Scenes shots in there too!

Snow White and the Huntsman opens in Irish cinema's on May 30th.

Thank you once again, Universal Pictures Ireland. :)

“Hate Mail” – Robs next project?

 In an article published online about the 'Lawless' after party in Cannes, Michael Benaroya (producer of the movie) is mentioned, as well as the movie he's currently financing. 
And what do we find? A Robert Pattinson mention!
Could this be one of the five projects he mentioned he had lining up for him when he interviewed with Premiere Magazine??

Extract from The Wrap:
Michael Benaroya of Benaroya Pictures, 31 and another producer on “Lawless,” is almost giddy with excitement… 
...And he’s also financing the $11 million “Hate Mail,” with Scarlett Johansson, Robert Pattinson and Philip Seymour Hall. And he executive produced “The Paperboy,” also screening in competition in Cannes.
An old Variety article explains more:
(Note: Names could have changed
since the article was published!)
Writing-directing team Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, who became darlings of the indie scene following “Half Nelson” and “Sugar,” have set their next picture, a drama titled “Hate Mail.” 
“Hate Mail” will feature interweaving stories about several Manhattanites who encounter various iterations of hate mail and grapple with the subsequent fallout of their relationships. 
The project reunites the filmmakers with a quartet of past collaborators, as Jamie Patricof will produce through his Hunting Lane Films banner, while Paul Mezey will produce via his Journeyman Pictures shingle. Wayfare’s Ben Browning and Jeremy Kipp Walker will also produce. 
Mezey previously produced “Sugar” and exec produced “Half Nelson,” while Patricof produced both of those films. 
Fleck and Boden came on Hollywood’s radar with their short film “Gowanus, Brooklyn,” which bowed at Sundance in 2004 before the duo expanded the story to feature-length with “Half Nelson.” The duo have multiple Indie Spirit Award nominations and Fleck was named one of Variety’s 10 Directors to Watch in 2006. 

Unfortunately, its IMDb Pro page has not been updated as of late.
If we find more up-to-date details, you will be the first to know! : )

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