Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Famous Is Robert Pattinson Anyway?

Sarah Gadon talks about how insane it was working with Robert Pattinson on "Cosmopolis".

Rob talk starts from about 0:26

"How famous is this guy, really?"
LOL - she found out the answer to that question pretty quickly!

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David Cronenberg on casting Robert Pattinson:
“He’s a terrific actor and that’s why I went after him"

David Cronenberg says he didn’t cast Rob because of his tremendous Twilight Saga fame. 
In fact, he says, it made shooting a little more difficult…

“Actually the fame was a detriment,” Cronenberg told us. “I mean, it’s good for financing – but it’s not necessarily good when you’re on the street and there are a lot of Twihards around. But I think people will be really surprised, I mean, I think he’s a terrific actor and that’s why I went after him.”
For the record, David, we agree :)
You can read the rest of the article by clicking here.

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‘Aim High' mention in the September issure of Nylon Magazine

Jackson Rathbone's Facebook-Only-Series 'Aim High' gets a small mention in an article in the newest issue of Nylon magazine!

Check it out below!

More New/Old Rob Outtakes - Hoodie Rob

Seriously beginning to think that this photo-shoot really will never end!
Some are of these really similar but different. 
They are, however, all delicious!

Click for bigger :)