Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Water for Elephants - no. 2 in Irish box office opening weekend

Figures explained: Technically 'Water for Elephants' came in at number 2 in the box office figures over the course of the dates 6th May - 8th May. However the running total for week 1 is €215,860 which is higher than 'Hanna' (wk1) because the WFE figures include the paid preview sales (paid previews started 4th May). 'Hanna' did not have paid previews.  So in my eyes, and not cause we're biased, that puts WFE at No. 1 ;)

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Fox Spain Releases Great New Video of Rob at the Barcelona Premiere and Press Conference

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Kristen Stewart wins the "Best Actress" award for her role in WTTR

Kristen won a Leonardo Horse Award in the category "Best Acting Performance Female" at the Milan Film Festival 2011 for her performance in "Welcome To The Rileys". She couldn't accept the award personally, but she'll retain it as soon as possible in Los Angeles.

Congrats Kristen!! We knew you could do it ;)

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Robert Pattinson wearing glasses at the Barcelona WFE Premiere!

Robert Pattinson and the glasses... click for bigger!
See the interview below. The part where he tries the glasses is at 3:44, and the translation is after the cut!

Ashley Greene - 'Skateland' press junket interviews & Met Gala with AH

Met Gala Interview


Picture: Rob with Theo Walcott (Arsenal Footballer)

You may remember from a previous interview, that Robert Pattinson said one of his biggest successes was getting to watch an Arsenal match in Theo Walcotts box. We;;, here's a picture of the two!

Rob's interview with B105 - Video & Pic

Funny interview - Rob talks about Dean (his bodyguard) & the lion on set of WFE, taking his mum to premieres, his birthday plans and more...

Thanks to RPAU via PattinsonLife

In case video doesnt work for you, audio is below!