Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bel Ami gets US and some European Release Dates

Um... yeah so this movie may kill me, but i still can't wait!

So, on top of the previously announced UK Release Date back in November, the following countries finally have Bel Ami release dates of their own!
  • Denmark - 8 September 2011
  • Norway - 16 September 2011
  • France - 28 September 2011
  • USA - 19 October 2011
We would advise you to take these dates with a pinch of salt however, as IMDB is often subject to change... fingers crossed that it doesn't (or does, if you're hoping for an earlier release ;))!

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Water For Elephants DVD gets a release date!

Put September 5th into your diaries! Wanna know why?
Here's a hint (if the title of this post isn't enough :P)

See Rob right there, staring lovingly at that DVD cover?
Want him to look at you that way? Well, there is a way you can achieve that...*
Buy the Water for Elephant's DVD! :)
It's scheduled for release on Monday, September 5th 2011, and yes, you can pre-order it from amazon or HMV.
Will you be getting it?

*requires a lot of imagination on your part
Thanks to PattinsonLadies for the tip! 

Taylor Lautner Shatters Expectations In New 'Abduction' Poster

Thanks to Hollywood Crush:

Taylor is making his big action star debut in "Abduction," and the stills and clips from the film are enough to make a girl go "'Twilight' what?" and "Edward who?" (Oh, and turn green with all the Lily Collins envy.)

Click for bigger!
We've all seen the photos of Taylor dragging or protecting a pretty much petrified Lily. And the beautiful black and white close up of Tay-face. And these things are good. They say, "I am Taylor Lautner, and I can brood with the best of them and protect people—even if Bella did kind of get away." But what about that quintessential shot that says, "I am Taylor Lautner, action star extraordinaire, here to out badass the greats"?

Today, we got that image.

In the new "Abduction" poster, Taylor brings his usual sexiness, of course (brooding eyes, bulging muscles—it's all pretty much par for the Taylor Lautner course at this point), but adds a little of the danger we should expect from action man Taylor. Battling wicked vampires is one thing, but what is Taylor even doing here? Is he sliding down a skyscraper out of a broken window? Is that actually happening? Yeah, we think it kind of is.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the image that says—nay screams—"I am here to out badass the greats."
What do you make of it? Are you excited to see it?

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner attend the premiere for Chris Weitz's 'A Better Life' (After Party Pics included)

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Snow White & The Huntsman gets some Dwarves

Snow White and the Huntsman': Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones Cast as Dwarfs. They join Ian McShane in Universal's retelling of the fairy tale, starring Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth

There are no small parts in Hollywood. But these days there are plenty of dwarf roles to go around.
Universal is ramping up its casting of the dwarfs in its high-profileSnow White and the Huntsman action adventure movie, withEddie IzzardBob Hoskins and Toby Jones in negotiations to board the movie.
Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes) and Steven Graham are in negotiations to play warriors in the film.
The project, being directed by Rupert Sanders, is a revisionist take on the fairy tale and features Snow White (Kristen Stewart) as a princess who escapes her evil stepmother (Charlize Theron) with the help of a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) who was to have killed her but now trains the princess to survive and fight back.
Evan Daugherty wrote the initial script and Evan Spiliotopoulos is currently working on it.
As Heat Vision first reported Monday, Ian McShane was cast first as the dwarf leader. The dwarf names are veering mightily away from the well-known Disney version, with McShane as Caesar, Jones as a timid dwarf named Claudius and Izzard will be Tiberius, described as the biggest and burliest of the crew. Hoskins will play Constantine, a blind dwarf.

Breaking Dawn 2012 Calendar with new Breaking Dawn images!!!

This is the only image we have so far, but we'll update with better quality when we can!

However, by snooping on the Amazon website, I'm pretty sure you can pre-order the calendar by going here. Looks like it's out August 1st, too!

As always though, I'd advise you to wait for full confirmation, as I could be wrong!

Will you be buying it when it does come out? I'm definitely going to!!
Especially looking at Mr. January... nom nom nom...