Monday, March 14, 2011

FAMOUS (AU): Rob & the 17 yr old Aussie Girl - How Kristen Found Out!

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Don't get your knickers in a twist! I know what the headline is insinuating, but if you read the article, it is talking about how an 17 yr old aussie has 'allegedly' hacked into Rob's email account (talk about headline manipulation!). Rob is apparently freaking out because of the private info contained in those emails about family, friends, cast members and of course, his fiancée, Kristen. Wait... WHAT? fiancée?? It's NOT TRUE people, they're not getting married. It's just FAMOUS calling fiction fact, AGAIN!

Bigger Still of Reese and Rob in Water for Elephants released this still two weeks ago, but the image was quite small.

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MTV First: Robert Pattinson talks kissing Kristen Stewart in his #5 Moment!

Last week, we shared the good news that Robert Pattinson will be screening a new clip from his upcoming film "Water for Elephants", aswell as doing a live 30-minute interview on "MTV First" this coming Friday.

To countdown to this event, MTV News have decided to post their top 5 favourite Robert Pattinson MTV moments. Here's number five:

It was early April 2008, and "Twilight" hadn't yet become a global box-office phenomenon and set off an epidemic of pop-culture copycats seeking to suck up some of the franchise's supernatural lifeblood. Back then, when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were just two up-and-coming actors making a movie for an independent studio, MTV News traveled to the film's Portland, Oregon, set to find out just what was happening with this gothic-tinged love story everyone seemed to be buzzing about.

The duo were alternately shy and unguarded, jokey and awkward, and generally far different than they are these days, with the press invading every aspect of their personal and professional lives. That's why, even years later, our first-ever "Twilight" interview remains one of our favorite RPattz moments. And as we count down the days until "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" airs next Friday at 8:56 p.m. ET, we hauled the footage from our vaults.

"Kristen's the best actress of her generation, and that's why I wanted to do this movie. I don't know why she is, but she's better than everyone else," Pattinson told us, breaking out into laughter as he kept the attention on his co-star and away from himself.

"You don't want me to talk about you?" Stewart asked, before doing just that. "I think he's really handsome."

Throughout the interview, they exchanged knowing glances, laughed at themselves and each other, and paused for long periods as they searched for the right word or anecdote. This was the "Twilight" stars, pre-media training, and it's utterly endearing. Can you imagine them now so openly discussing what it's like to smooch on camera?

"His teeth are pretty sharp," Stewart laughed. "It's great. I like it."

"Every time, I just try to kill her," Pattinson added.

"And [Bella] likes it," Stewart said. "She's a total sadomasochist, if you think about it."

Don't miss "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" this Friday at 8:56 p.m. ET on MTV and Tune in to see RPattz introduce a new "Water for Elephants" clip, followed by a live 30-minute interview on Tweet questions using the hashtag #askrob to get in the conversation!