Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New ‘Immortals’ Trailer With Kellan Lutz

Here’s the new trailer for Immortals, starring Kellan Lutz as Poseidon! Kellan has the trident, and is also the one who hits into the sea causing the wave.
Can't wait to see this one! Can you?? :)

<a href='' target='_new' title='&#39;Immortals&#39; movie trailer' >Video: &#39;Immortals&#39; movie trailer</a>

Breaking Dawn Cast Poster now available for pre-order!

You can now pre-order a full sized Breaking Dawn Cast poster at

It's a nice poster... it's good to see it full-length...
But oh my god, how many variations of this photo do we have to see before they will share others?!!
No really … there has to be others … pretty please *bats eyelashes*

Two New Stills from Taylor Lautner's Abduction

Lionsgate have released two brand new stills from the upcoming film “Abduction”, which stars Taylor Lautner.
Check them out below!

“Abduction” hits theaters on September 23, 2011.

MyAnna Buring Understands Why Robert Pattinson is so Popular

MyAnna Buring, who plays Tanya in Breaking Dawn, has revealed that (surprise, surprise) "Rob is just a really lovely, lovely guy, he's just very sweet and a lot of fun to work with. In fact, everyone on the film is lovely and a joy to be around. I understand why he's so popular!"

All this comes from a fellow vampire and co-star to Robert Pattinson in Breaking Dawn. MyAnna Buring plays Tanya, the leader of the Denali clan - "vegetarian vampires" like the Cullens. They don't drink human blood, but they help the other visiting undead keep the elk and cougar population down around Forks, Washington, in the second part of the novel. No locals ever seem to notice. And the Denalis, who live in Alaska, must be part British, because MyAnna has a thick accent.

MyAnna was "over the moon" when she heard she had gotten the part in Breaking Dawn, and the chance to work with Robert Pattinson and the rest. "Surreal," she called it. A true "Romeo and Juliet" story. "What's not to love about love?" 

Kellan Lutz Reveals: Robert Pattinson Taught Me How To Play Guitar!

It turns out that the ‘Twilight’ boys have jam sessions during their Breaking Dawn down time — can they get any hotter?!
Kellan Lutz can do anything, but don’t ask him to sing. The 26-year-old actor spoke with the LA Times Ministry of Gossip and divulged a little tidbit about himself that we didn’t know — he’s learning how to play the guitar. But he doesn’t just have any old teacher, his co-star and buddy Robert Pattinson is giving him pointers!

“I picked up the guitar now that I have some down time,” Kellan says. “I got a couple of books and some iPad apps, but I get to work with Rob and Jackson [Rathbone] on all these movies, who are brilliant musicians. I get to learn from talented people … I can’t sing for crap, but I enjoy picking up hobbies.”
Rob is an amazing musician, he plays piano, guitar, and he lent his musical talents to the 2008 Twilight soundtrack. Not to mention, cutie Jackson is the frontman of his Louisiana based band 100 Monkeys.

These vampires are just bubbling over with talent — are these guys the ultimate triple threat?


Evanescence want to be included on the ‘Breaking Dawn’ Soundtrack!

MTV has the latest scoop from the band Evanescence, who, it turns out – really, really want to be included on the upcoming Breaking Dawn soundtrack.
Frontwoman Amy Lee explained how she got into the first Twilight book and was soon a big fan, but unlike the rest of her band, she’s Team Jacob. Check out the interview below: (US Only)

(Twilight mention happens at about 4:20)

And, as they told MTV News after the premiere of their new song “What You Want”, scoring a slot on the upcoming “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1″ soundtrack is definitely a goal this time out.
“I’ve been screaming for [new song] ‘My Heart Is Broken’ to land in that, because I think it would fit the story so well,” drummer Will Hunt said. “I got sucked into the ‘Twilight’ vortex by the girls at home, so by default, I’ve got to watch it.”
“I think that would be awesome, actually,” frontwoman Amy Lee added.
It’s not like Evanescence haven’t tried to get on a “Twilight” soundtrack in the past, but for whatever reason, it never panned out. And it was because of those early attempts that they’d love to be included in the next film. … Simply put, Lee has become invested in the story, and she’s not afraid to admit it.
“Fine, I read the books; everybody hates me now,” Lee laughed. “I didn’t watch the first movie — I was like, ‘Yeah, whatever. I got over vampires in high school’ — then they were like, ‘Maybe you should write a song for the movie,’ so I read the book and I wrote some songs, and it didn’t work out because they have all these cool hipster people that are doing the ‘Twilight’ stuff. But then I was kind of into it, so I read the next books.”
And after reading the books, Lee actually found herself at odds with her bandmates, most of whom are avowed members of Team Edward. Seems she’s got a soft spot for the frequently shirtless werewolf, though not for reasons you’d probably expect.
“Jacob [is my favorite], for sure,” she said. “He’s the good guy, he’s the sweetheart.”
Read can read the full story at over at MTV.

So, do you think Evanescence would be a good choice for the soundtrack?
If so, what do you think of the title "My heart is broken"? 
Could it be an Edward song? Jacob? Bella??
As most of you already know, Stephenie Meyer herself has used some of their older songs as inspiration whilst writing the books, so I'm sure she'd love to have them on board!
Let us know in the comments below!

Bella's Wedding Dress replica to go on sale

The wedding dress worn by Bella Swan in Breaking Dawn can soon be snapped up by fans after a replica of the gown goes on sale this year.

The copy of the Edwardian-inspired frock will become available, courtesy of designer Alfred Angelo, when the first of two Breaking Dawn instalments has been released.

Kristen Stewart is only seen from the back in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn wedding clip.

A price tag for the dress has not yet been revealed, but rumours suggest it will be available in Angelo’s Signature stores in the US - and other retailers worldwide - in November.

The only glimpse so far had of the gown was in the Breaking Dawn trailer, in which Bella is seen walking down the aisle on her wedding day while Edward Cullen (Pattinson) waits at the altar in a forest surrounded by friends and family.

Shot from behind, the teaser doesn't quite provide a proper look at the Carolina Herrera dress. (Video below)

Are you getting married? Would you even consider wearing a replica dress, just because it was in Breaking Dawn??

As always, let us know in the comments section below!!

via Metro UK

Robert Pattinson Attends 'Adele' Concert in LA

Rob was spotted by multiple people at an Adele concert last night, at the Greek Theater in Los Feliz, CA.

It's nice to see Rob taking some time out and having fun, isn't it?!
And it's even nicer to see that he wasn't mobbed by fans in the process ;)
Do you like Adele? Are you surprised that Rob does? 
Let us know!

Twitter Sources:

Robert Pattinson sighting at Sony Studios!

Oh my gosh. What is wrong with this girl?!!!
All you need to be is a hot-blooded female near Rob and you should freak out.
We'll just ignore the fact that this girl must be an alien and squeal to ourselves.

What was he doing there? Is he in talks about a new role? Or possibly something to do with music??
It's so exciting! I love thinking Rob is mixing and mingling and making deals and going places to get another project in line. Not knowing for sure what he's doing next career-wise is driving me bonkers. We'll see if anything else pops up about Sony Studios. Until then, we're still in limbo about Rob's next project!

Twitter source / via Robsessed

Robert Pattinson wants to have a fashion range!!

Many A-list celebrities have had great success in designing clothes: Justin Timberlake has William Rast and Diddy has Sean John. But Twilight's Kellan Lutz, who has his own line launching this fall, says Robert Pattinson wants in on the action, too!

"Rob and I were talking about doing clothing lines, and he found out I was doing one and was like 'I should do one,'" Lutz told Us Weekly at the WWE SummerSlam Be a Star Event in L.A. Thursday.
"He wants to do one -- he's always so hipster."
Lutz added that he and Pattinson conceptually called the line 'Rags by Rob,' which is fitting since Pattinson's own style could be described more or less as disheveled, with monotone V-neck T-shirts, worn-in jeans, and flannel button-down shirts being his wardrobe staples, plus unwashed hair to boot.

Lutz, 26, has been hard at work this summer fine-tuning the details for his collection, Abbot+Main.
"I'm very involved in the clothing line -- everything gets run through me," Lutz told Us. "It's men's right now, but I have a women's line that starts this spring."
The 6-foot-1 blonde stunner was tapped to model in the 2010 Calvin Klein X underwear campaign, and although he's easy on the eyes, the hard-bodied actor wanted more.
"I wanted to be more than the face of something -- I wanted to be as brand-developed as my career's been," Lutz added. "I fell into acting and I'm very serious with it, but I want something that I can put my name on."

Wow. Rob as a designer!! Would you buy something he made?
Or do you think he was just joking around??

*starts saving money just incase*


The Two Comic Con Breaking Dawn Clips To Hit The Web Next Week??

Did anyone here go to the Dublin MovieFest last Saturday, with just the tiniest bit of hope that the Breaking Dawn Clips would be shown?
I sure did, but I was sadly disappointed when I didn't get them!
However, a similar event (Empire Presents Big Screen) happened on the same day in the UK, and the clips were shown there. (Me? Jealous? Never!!)

So I've been wondering... will I actually get to see those clips before November??

Well, according to The Hollywood News, yes! They're reporting that the two Breaking Dawn clips will hit the web next week!! (August 22nd-26th)
Below is an extract from their blog-post:

Onto day two and straight into the EOne Panel which saw us promised some clips from TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 1. We had a bit of an issue in terms of getting to the two clips, but indeed they came just as the Sony panel was about to begin. Saturday was the day that we started live blogging the event and yes, we ran into a little bit of trouble in being allowed to do this during the Sony panel which we respect 100%, but that did affect us nearly missing said two TWILIGHT clips. They did come, and we were allowed to stay to see them. Here’s our thoughts at the time (from the live blog):
  • The first clip is of Edward and Bella in their honeymoon suite with Edward carrying her into the room….
  • They are looking down at the marital bed
  • Edward very coy looking, they are holding hands and Edward asks Bella if she wants to go for a swim???
  • They kiss, and Edward heads out onto the veranda while Bella enters the bathroom to ‘prepare’.
Apologies guys, we have just been asked to leave the auditorium to hand in our laptops. We did just manage to see the two clips. The end of the one we were describing saw Bella and Edward go for a midnight swim, and then the second was heavy with the prescence of Taylor Lautner and the wolf pack in a forest… We will post a full report later, but we are currently to sort out the security problem. Apologies

So that was all that we got down at the time, and again we apologies to the hundreds of TWILIGHT fans that were reading the blog as we updated. We think that a lot of you missed out as we also had to switch blog consoles as this overlapped into the Sony panel. We have been told since however that these clips are all set to hit the web next week, so do keep it THN as we will post them just as soon as we get them.

So if this is true, then YES!!! We’ll get to finally *legally* see the official clips, and in HQ!! Just think....

Jacob and the Cullens...
Jacob and the wolf pack...
Edward carrying Bella into the room!
THE BED!!!!!
Edward going into the water...
Bella getting ready to meet him in the water...


So if the clips do come out, will you watch them?
Or are you saving yourself for the wedding? (Just Like Bella and Edward ;))