Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kellan Lutz Reveals: Robert Pattinson Taught Me How To Play Guitar!

It turns out that the ‘Twilight’ boys have jam sessions during their Breaking Dawn down time — can they get any hotter?!
Kellan Lutz can do anything, but don’t ask him to sing. The 26-year-old actor spoke with the LA Times Ministry of Gossip and divulged a little tidbit about himself that we didn’t know — he’s learning how to play the guitar. But he doesn’t just have any old teacher, his co-star and buddy Robert Pattinson is giving him pointers!

“I picked up the guitar now that I have some down time,” Kellan says. “I got a couple of books and some iPad apps, but I get to work with Rob and Jackson [Rathbone] on all these movies, who are brilliant musicians. I get to learn from talented people … I can’t sing for crap, but I enjoy picking up hobbies.”
Rob is an amazing musician, he plays piano, guitar, and he lent his musical talents to the 2008 Twilight soundtrack. Not to mention, cutie Jackson is the frontman of his Louisiana based band 100 Monkeys.

These vampires are just bubbling over with talent — are these guys the ultimate triple threat?


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