Monday, August 29, 2011

New Breaking Dawn Still!

Click for HQ!

Sooo? What do you think? All I'm thinking is "Aww!"
Oh yeah, and by the way.... there's only 80 days until Breaking Dawn hits cinemas :D

BooBoo Stewart: Behind the Scenes of "Troix Magazine"

Troix Magazine recently left a Facebook Status that gave us a clue about their next issue.
Most people guessed that it would be a photoshoot with Taylor Lautner, however, they were wrong!
Not only have Troix Magazine revealed today that there will be an Abduction special with director John Singleton, but we now have a [very] short video and outtakes from The Twilight Star they spoke about... BooBoo Stewart!
Check out the BTS goodies from his 'abandoned hospital' photoshoot below!


[Flash 10 is required to watch video]


New Rob Outtakes from the photoshoot that will never end!!

Some of these were already posted, but there are a lot of new ones (Although they all look fairly similar!)


Lots more pics after the break!

Taylor Lautner at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Last night, Taylor Lautner presented the award for "New Artist of the Year"  to Tyler, The Creatorat the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.
Lautner had just flown in from Australia where he's currently promoting his newest film "Abduction".

Before presenting the award with Selena Gomez, Taylor spoke with MTV at the pre-show, and compared his appearance at the VMAs with this summer's MTV Movie Awards, in which Robert Pattinson surprised everyone by accepting his "Best Kiss" win by running into the audience and kissing Taylor.

Check out the video's below

Taylor Lautner at MTV VMAs pre-show

Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez presenting VMA for “Best New Artist”
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Pictures of Taylor (click for bigger)


Twilight: Coming Soon to RTÉ!

How soon? Well right now... we have no idea!
Upon contact, RTÉ could only say:
Due to competition restrictions, RTÉ do not release broadcast schedules more than two weeks in advance.
I'd advise you to keep an eye on the TV listings. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you.
Well... at least we know it won't be in the next two weeks... right?!
So um... keep an eye out! It'll be between September 2011... and March 2012....

Okay so it's a long time coming, but at least we get to see Edward Cullen on the TV ads for the next while!
Check it out below :)

Twilight clip from 0.38 - 0.48

New / Old WFE outtake of Robert Pattinson (EW)

Everyone remembers the EW photoshoot that Reese and Robert did during the release of 'Water For Elephants' right? 
Today we got a new outtake (kinda)

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