Thursday, June 30, 2011

New/Old BTS “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” Still with Rob

Entertainment Weekly are posting exclusive stills leading up to the latest and last HP installment, and have given us one with Rob! :)

Taylor Lautner to be featured in 'Funny or Die' sketch next Wednesday!

Taylor Lautner is certainly no stranger to comedy. Last year he did that hysterical "Les Grossman" sketch (along with Twilight Saga co-star Robert Pattinson), and in 2009, he hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live, which involved him doing some hilarious skit-work (including one in which he had to be a teenage "Team Edward" Twilight fan girl and another in which he portrayed a high school football back-up quarterback who just couldn't smile right for his yearbook photo).

Now, it seems, Lautner has been working on a sketch for Funny Or Die.

The picture below shows Lautner with a group of football players (side note: Lautner's made no secret of his love for football), and a twitter update from Nick Jonas suggests it has something to do with said sketch:

VIDEO: Kellan Lutz talks about Robert Pattinson working out for Breaking Dawn

"Someone asked if that was me. Is that Kellan’s back?" the 26-year-old actor said, laughing at the idea. "I’m really proud of Rob for working out and really training really hard. He cycled so hard and trained very hard, and he’s really diligent. He talked to me about what proteins to drink and what to do and he listened and cared. He had a great mentality for it."

Hmm... what do you think? ;)