Sunday, May 13, 2012

Full Kristen Elle US Scans + Interview + Transcript!

A really interesting interview with Kristen Stewart - believe me you need to read this!!
She mentions her boyfriend starring in Bel Ami... ; )

Click the images to make them bigger - see a transcript of the interview after the scans.

Interview Scan

Happy 26th Birthday Robert Pattinson!

So... we all know why today is so special right?!


Just think about it... on this day in 1986, Mr. Pattinson was less then a day-old! 

Crazy, right?!

Grown up nicely, eh?!
Can we get an aaaaaaaaaaaww?!
Happy Birthday, Rob!

Happy 26th Birthday, Robert Pattinson! :)

Sky Movies Drama
is celebrating today by showing three of his movies in a row! - 

If you don't have Sky, Channel 4 will also be showing "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" from 8PM. 
The Music Channel, Magic, will also be celebrating by playing the "Twilight Top 10: The Soundtrack" songs from 9:35PM.

Of course, you could also have your own Rob-DVD-athon!

For the past few years, our blog has celebrated this day with picture-post's and by sometimes linking you up to various Happy Birthday videos - so this year, the video we have to share is one that we found over on Robsessed's website earlier today!

Check it out - it was made by the fabulous Bru, and just showcases the many talents he owns!

*EEP!* We love you, Rob! :)

Many of us have watched him go from humble beginnings in Vanity Fair and Ring of the Nibelungs (The Sword of Xanten to many), to his breakthrough role in The Twilight Saga films, and still been there, cheering him on as he worked with the likes of acclaimed director David Cronenberg in Cosmopolis. 
We think that it's safe to say his talent and Robsessed fan-base will just keep growing in his 26th year!

He has many meaningful nicknames amongst the Robsessed - Spunk Ransom, Sparkles, HHH (his holy hotness!), Flippy, Patty, RPattz... the list goes on and on (if you have any more, please share them with us!) - but whatever you call him. make sure to leave him some birthday love below!
You never know if he's reading this...

Snow White and the Huntsman Featurette -
"A Look Inside The Story"

Universal Pictures Ireland have just kindly shared this Snow White and the Huntsman video with us!
Snow White and the Huntsman will be in Irish Cinemas from Wednesday, May 30th!