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Amazing Harpers Bazaar Outtake Photos of Robsten Part 2 (Click to enlarge)

Huge thanks to Goz @ ROBsessedBlog

Amazing Harpers Bazaar Outtake Photos of Robsten Part 1 (Click to enlarge)

Huge thanks to ROBsessedBlog

Video from Anya Marina 'Satellite Heart' from New Moon Soundtrack

'Satellite Heart' Anya Marina

Anya Marina | MySpace Video

Behind the Scenes in the Volturi Chamber - Excellent Video

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Volturi Featurette

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

Robert Pattinson & Chris Weitz at Press Conference in Tokyo, Japan

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Official Statement from E1 re UK Fan Event & Info re tickets


Please see details below for the details of the OFFICIAL FAN EVENT for the UK.

E1 Entertainment announce today that exclusive tickets to THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON UK FAN PARTY are available via a ticket ballot (2 tickets each) on www.ticketweb.co.uk/newmoon

Successful entrants will have a chance to put their question to the stars of the film – ROBERT PATTINSON, KRISTEN STEWART, TAYLOR LAUTNER and Director CHRIS WEITZ – in a once in a lifetime Question and Answer session live at Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park.

The evening includes bands from the film, soundtrack and fans of the franchise. Full details to be announced this week via


Doors open at 4.30pm
Doors close at 6pm

First band – 7pm
Event finishes – 10pm

Please note anyone under 14 must be accompanied by an adult (and within their ticket allocation).

We will be posting more details of exactly who is performing this week. GOOD LUCK!!!

Reelz Channel Vid with Ashley & Kellan @ their Halloween Party in Vegas

KStew & Taylor in Mexico (Click to enlarge)

Continuing along with the worldly travels, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner turned up in Mexico for a press conference on Monday (November 2).

The “Twilight” co-stars flew in after appearing in Brazil the previous day, with the Bella Swan babe and her Jacob Black press partner doing their best to boost interest in their upcoming “New Moon” movie.

Hitting theaters on November 20th, Kristen recently offered up her thoughts on co-star Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen role, saying, “Edward is actually a really good parallel to fame. As a vampire, he has a sad, desolate life—fame is the same.”

Meanwhile, Taylor commented on the passionate “Twilight” fans, telling, “It’s much more than just a story of vampires and werewolves. The audience end up seeing themselves in the characters.”

Robert pictured in Tokyo with his 'New Girlfriend' *

Robert Pattinson was all smiles as he partied with pals in Tokyo. The Twilight hunk wasn't showing any signs of sadness over his rumoured break up with co-star Kristen Stewart as he overcame jet lag by hitting up Tokyo's trendy Ginza district - less than 24-hours after touching down in the Far East. Pattinson, 23, was accompanied by his entourage and New Moon director Chris Weitz as they spent more than four-hours dining and drinking wine at the three-Michelin star L'osier French restaurant. The usually camera-shy star was all smiles as he left the eatery in a downpour of hail

*Check NW mag article blog post for reason behind 'New Girlfriend' tag LOL
Ok to clarify the woman pictured is Stephenie Ritz - Rob's agent - who NW mag claim is the new third wheel causing problems in the 'Robsten' love affair. I was being sarcastic people xxx


Famous Mag Taylor Article & Kristen 'I didnt dump Rob' - Scan (click to enlarge)

Synopsis after the jump:


  • Robert Pattinson is a 'supporting role' in New Moon so the focus is now on Taylor Lautner
  • A movie insider says "Unlike Rob who suffers from crippling shyness, Taylor's totally cool when it comes to interacting with fans, spilling the beans on his private life and dealing with intense media scrutiny. 
  • He has taken to fame like a duck to water.
  • A source says "Rob's never liked being in the limelight, so it's a real relief for him to share the limelight with someone else."
Synopsis of Kristens 'I didn't dump Rob' article:
  • KStew has hit back at rumours that her year long relationship with Rob is on the rocks - fuelled by by her failure to turn up at the Eclipse wrap party.
  • Rob and Kristen are usually joined at the hip so it was the talk of the party when he showed up on his own. 
  • The couple have been having an increasing amount of rifts. 
  • One of Kristen's friends says "Kristen says she didnt dump Rob, she didnt go to the wrap party because she wanted to go see her family. Rob's taking time to see his family too and they will be back together within the space of a few weeks."
Please source The Irish Twilight Sisters if you repost all / part of this article.
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Famous Magazine New Moon Special - Scans & Synopsis (Click to enlarge)


Synopis of Kristen Article:
  • Branded a 21st Century icon for misunderstood youth and a welcome antidote to the increasing army of bottle blonde bombshells flooding the movie industry.
  • The 'sizzling starlet' has landed a flood of roles aside from Twilight including The Runaways biopic in which she plays Joan Jett. 
  • Of course a super hot spunk is a must have accessory for an IT girl and the mysterious star's palpable on and off screen chemistry with Robert Pattinson has been the talk of Tinseltown.
  • Despite the fact the notoriously private pair have not offiicially confirmed their relationship Rob has openly spoken of their intense 'natural chemistry' and industry insiders say the pair are rarely apart.
  • During a recent interview Kristen said she found fame "insane". "As a person i cant do anything" she complained, "but then i think to myself 'God damn it shut the f**k up'".

Synopsis of Robert Article :
  • There is little that hasnt been written about Robert Pattinson - his life is a book so open that even his mother checks the papers to see what her son is up to. "My mum says 'I cant believe you did this.." says the 23-yr old "its insane".
  • He's still managed to cloak his private life in a veil of secrecy and at times can be as dark and broody as his Twilight character, the permanently sullen vampire, Edward Cullen. 
  • The expectations heaped upon him leave him shaken and anxious he has admitted-but not because he is shirking fame but rather because he is eager to please the fans who invest so much in his character. 
  • Girls scream for Edward not Robert - "I still cant get a date" (Bee: *raises hand* in offer) 

Synopsis of Taylor article:
  • Gained more than 13kg of muscle to keep his role in New Moon after there was questions about his suitability for the role. 
  • Taylor finds the focus on his body a little embarassing saying "If I had to choose, I would never take my shirt off again".
  • Its Taylors adorable mix of modesty and exotic good looks that has won him the lauded title of It boy and sent teen idol rival Zac Efron into fits of jealousy. 
  • Girls everywhere are swapping their RPattz posters for Taylors (Bee: girls might be but women ain't)
  • He has reportedly hooked up with country music star Taylor Swift and Aussie hottie Isobel Lucas  
  • His favourite romcom is The Notebook.


Please source The Irish Twilight Sisters if you repost all / part of this article. Thank you.

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