Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to the Rileys - Press Junket - Videos and More...

New WTTR Clip with Melissa Leo - no Kristen

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Some Tweets from Press sources at junket

RT @RhiannonAlly WTTR was her first time alone on location said Melissa Leo and James Gandolfini watched over her.

RT @RhiannonAlly: @aliceinnyc ha! She's very modest-she doesn't seem to like talking abt herself at all.

RT @MaggieCoughlan: Kristen Stewart described her role in #WTTR as "definitive" in my interview w/her this morning. Video coming soon!

RT @RhiannonAlly She said it wasn't enough to just not wear make-up, they needed to rough her up..

RT @RhiannonAlly KStew said she ate a ton of po' boys while shooting WTTR in NOLA..she likes the shrimp ones the best!

RT @RhiannonAlly I asked how they made her skin look so bad in WTTR the make-up artist drew all the blemishes & lots of bruises on.

RT @RhiannonAlly: KStew also said she was offered a job at an LA strip club while researching the role! Lol

RT @Beau_Nelson: Kristen worked really hard on this movie. She even learned to pole dance! It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm gonna ask for a lap dance. Hahahaha

RT @Beau_Nelson With Kristen doing welcome to the rileys press. You guys are gonna love the look tonight!!!! 

RT @joshuahorowitz: Was only supposed to talk to Kristen Stewart for 8 minutes. Interview lasted 20. She was in a great mood

RT @blackfilm: Ready to go home but Kristen showed some range in welcome to the rileys. Aces on the acting from james g and melissa l.

RT @hollywoodcrush: We got a lot of great tidbits from Kristen Stewart this morning! Stay tuned...

RT @mtvnews: Coming soon! RT @joshuahorowitz Was only supposed to talk to Kristen Stewart for 8 minutes. Interview lasted 20. She was in a great mood.

RT @popsugar: Waiting for Kristen Stewart and her costars at the Welcome to the Rileys junket in NYC... Stay tuned for photos!

RT @vanwhite watched @joshuahorowitz's interview w/ Kristen Stewart - he totally asked her about Krisbians. she is well aware of the phenomenon. 

RT @theFABlife Sitting front row @ the #WTTR press junket so we can ask the hard-hitting questions...and get a good look @ Kristen Stewart's eye makeup :)

RT @theFABlife Kristen's press junket outfit: black vans, no socks, grey/blk skinny jeans, blk/grey plaid shirt, gold ring, lovely hair & eyes! #wttr 

RT @theFABlife: Kristen on life after Breaking Dawn/future projects: "I don't know what I'm doing next." #WTTR

RT @theFABlife: 
Gotta get back to office, more #wttr junket deets to come. Entire cast (and Jake Scott) was delightful and humble.

RT @joshuahorowitz: We're posting the entire Kristen Stewart interview. Tonight about half of it should be up. Will send out the link asap.

RT @SharonFJohnson Very nice intv 2day w #KristenStewart 4 "WTTR"She's no-nonsense, no pretense, no bs, tell it like it is gal. I love that.

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