Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Treat for Team Jacob - New Taylor Photos Shoot


Our favourite trio presenting New Moon trailer at the VMA's

Updated - Taylor looks slightly unfortable as Rob & Kristen finally show some PDA.

Taylor, Kristen & Robert all looking extremely Hot on stage at the MTV VMA's

More Tabloid Trash stories from Down Under - We couldnt make it up but they do!!

Aside from the badly photoshopped picture of Robert on the cover, (the man is naturally beautiful, he doesn't need photoshopping, ever!) the article inside should be photoshopped into non-existance.
I give you a brief synopsis because to re-type the whole thing expends too much energy i wouldnt want to waste on trash like this...
  • They have revealed all about their relationship to a US monthly magazine and even family members will be shocked by the details. 
  • The explosive tell-all will hit the streets around the same time as New Moon is released.
  • They were interviewed together & apart over a 3day period in Vancouver, whilst filming Eclipse, but couldnt bear to be apart, because, they say they are 'soul mates'. 
  • Circumstances drove them apart but this only made them realise they were meant to be together. When Rob found out Kristen had a little crush on Taylor Lautner her realised he had to be with her. 
  • Kristen worries that someone taller, sexier and more famous will come along for Rob and he will dump her because she is really insecure. 
  • Theres a ton of passion between them but it causes fights too as both of them have a jealous possessive streak that they like to bring out in the other person. 
  • One source said he feels like an intruder in the room with them because the chemistry is so explosive between them it always seems like they want to rip each others clothes off. (I'd like to point out that I am on a different continent to Robert & I too always want to rip his clothes off - Bee). 
  •  Rob loves that Kristen can 'rock a mullet' and she loves the way his hair falls into his face. 
  • The love triangle - with taylor - again.... 'Rob came in like gang busters andit was Taylor who?' (What the ?) 'No one can compete with the Robsten chemistry'. 
  • Secret sex trysts - they will find time to be alone and disappear for 30 minutes and then come back looking messy & disoriented.
  • The Marriage Rumours - The source says ' I can definitely see them getting married, they are both head over heals for each other and cant wait to wrap shooting so they can move in together, they are really excited about the whole thing. 
Give me strength - how do they get away with this every single week....stop buying them people. 
Every time you buy one an angel loses her wings :(
Again thanks to our Australian correspondant OzTwilightTwit.

Magazines Major 'Manip' Muck-Up

Australian magazine 'Famous' has committed an EPIC FAIL by printing a photograph well known to be a fan-made 'manipulated' photo of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart on the cover of this weeks issue Sept 14th '09. This goes to show the levels tabloid trash will sink too to sell a magazine. Fail Famous Fail!!

You can play too - insert Kristen here (below)
Original pics of Rob & Kristen that were photshopped together - 

The article is the usual nonsense we have come to expect from tabloid trash. Here is a brief synopsis. 
 Hollywood big-wigs are so worried that the 'romance' is going to affect the future of the Twilight franchise they have gone to great lengths to split Rob& Kristen up or at the very least keep them apart. They are worried that if they split up in real life it will affect the on screen relationship and also the relationship will undermine the believability of the relationship between Bella & Jacob in the saga. 

When New Moon had finished filming the studio 'orchestrated' it that Rob would be in New York filming 'Remember Me' & Kristen would be in LA filming the runaways. Apparantly rumours that Rob was getting romantically involved with his co-star Emilie De Ravin & Kristen was getting back with her ex-boyfriend, Michael Angarano were also 'planted' by the studio bosses. 

But 'they were too in love to let it go and overcame the distance and hooked up again as soon as they finished their respective projects'. Twilight insiders are responsible also for the rumour that Nikki Reed was attracted to Rob and jealous of his relationship with Kristen. 

They want Rob to appear available to female fans. 

When all else failed the studio took them aside and told them to keep their relationship under wraps. For now, they are lying low, having spent last weekend in a bed & breakfast in Vancouver (think @GossipCop proved this untrue)

Also in the article a half naked Kellan which we never complain about ;)

Thanks to our Australian correspondant OzTwilightTwit and to Just Jared for 2nd pic of rob on his own.

Please ensure you source Irish Twilight Sisters if you copy all or part of this story.

Death Cab for Cutie - Meet Me on the Equinox - Full version

Thanks to Twilight Lexicon

New extended Official New Moon Trailer shown at MTV VMA's

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