Saturday, October 8, 2011

Alex Meraz in Glamoholic Magazine

Alex Meraz is featured on the cover of the October 2011 issue of online magazine Glamoholic. The full issue can be viewed here, but we've got all of the the Alex Meraz features for you below! In the interview, Alex says he's happy to move on from Twilight, but knows that it's opened many doors for him in his career.


Wow... is it hot in here, or is it just me?!

First Trailer for Jackson Rathbone's "Cowgirls n' Angels"!

The first Trailer for Jackson Rathbone's newest film Cowgirls n' Angels, due for release in 2012, has just been released!
Not sure what it's about? Check out the synopsis on IMDB.

What do you think about the trailer? 
Anything with Jackson Rathbone and that cowboy hat has my seal of approval ;)
Let's hope it gets released here in Ireland!

Kellan Lutz covers 'Nylon Guys' November issue

Kellan Lutz is the cover model for Nylon Guys' November issue!
In the interview, Lutz discusses two of his other on-going projects: The film Immortals and clothing line Abbot+Main.

Immortals hits cinema's on November 11th - just a week before Breaking Dawn - Part 1 comes out.

A sample of the interview, as well as a BTS video from the shoot can be seen below.

On living on a dairy farm with his grandparents in Iowa:
"That was where I learned to be a pyro. There was no trash removal service, so you'd just burn it. I love fire."

On feeling like the textbook middle child:
"My mom was always taking care of the troubled older brothers, and then my younger brothers were twins, so she had a lot to handle with them. I was kind of the easy one, which meant that I got lost in the shuffle."

On the perks of "Twilight" being so popular:
"It was a golden ticket for all of us. Actors act their whole lives just to get what we got."

Ashley Greene on Kellan:
"Kellan's like an onion. You need to peel back the layers to really get to know him."


 Don't you just love how much Kellan Lutz adores his mother? So cute.


Xavier Samuel is looking forward to the
birth scene in 'Breaking Dawn'

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Xavier Samuel ("Riley Biers") might not have had a role to return to with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (sadly), but he is looking forward to what the film will bring: the birth scene.

Speaking to Buzz Sugar, Samuel explained that he thinks the birth scene will be a "pretty interesting thing to tackle".
"I'm always excited to see those guys working, I think it's a really, really cool story, and it'll be really cool to see the final chapter," he explained of the cast. He also mentioned that he's kept in contact with some of his castmates, though he wouldn't say which ones, and that his brother was recently mistaken for his Anonymous co-star and fellow Twilight Saga alum Jamie Campbell Bower ("Caius" - Volturi).

Check out the video below! (Twilight talk from 2:06)

'Immortal Twilight' perfume unveiled

Twilight Beauty, the same company which currently offers a Twilight-themed make-up line, has just unveiled its Twilight Saga-based fragrance, "Immortal Twilight."

The perfume, which is included as one of Teen Vogue's sweepstakes package prizes, is currently being sold for $21.99 with a lotion accompaniment at

Here's the description:
A fearlessly uncompromising floriental fragrance with notes of cool citrus and wild chamomile, descending to reveal an outrageously short hem of white freesia and peony grounded by the captivating and mysterious femininity of patchouli, cool amber and musk.

So, will you buy it? Why or why not? It's surprising how many items now offers in the Twilight line. Body shimmer, mascara, nail polish . . . all Twilight-themed.

Also of note: The Twilight hair tools line by PRO Beauty Tools is now available, and a video introduction from one of the hairstylists on the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is attached. I still want that Rosalie-themed hairsetter.

Twilight Examiner

Jackson Rathbone on 'Aim High,' and
saying goodbye to 'Twilight'

As anyone who has witnessed the mass hysteria of a Twilight premiere or been within the vicinity of one of the wildly popular vampire saga’s cast members can attest, Twihards will do just about anything to get close to the actors from the film. Luckily, for fans of Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper in series, they’ll no longer have to claw and scream their way to get to him among the endlessly devoted Twilight faithful. Instead, from now on, they’ll simply need to log into Facebook.

The actor is starring in an interactive new web series called Aim High, in which he plays teenager Nick Green, who is a high schooler by day and a U.S. spy by night. But the twist here isn’t that Rathbone’s character is leading a double life, it’s that viewers will, quite literally, be able to get in on the action.

Aim High, which Rathbone executive produced alongside music video maven McG, allows viewers who watch the show through Facebook to post, comment, and share, as well as inject themselves directly into it. (The series will also be available for viewing on For instance, one of your profile pictures could appear on student body election poster, or your name could be found scribbled on the bathroom walls. You can’t get much closer to a Twilight actor than that.

“I think one of the reasons we fall in love with certain television shows is that we see ourselves in those shows,” Rathbone tells EW. “If you watch The Office maybe you identify with Pam, or if you’re a little bit more off-kilter, Dwight. That’s what gets us involved with shows, so we’re just taking that to the next level with Aim High.”

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Taylor Lautner covers 'GQ Australia' 's November edition


Kristen Stewart isn't the only Twilight Saga star on the magazine circuit this winter. Taylor Lautner is also the cover boy for GQ Australia's November edition.

A sample of the interview is as follows:

There’s Something Taylor Lautner doesn’t want to talk about. He’s biting his nails. He’s having trouble making eye contact. He’s looking down at the table. And then there’s the nervous laughter, the kind that betrays a young man ill at ease.

“Oh boy,” he says.

Lautner is dressed in skinny dark jeans and lived-in black boots. His check flannel shirt is spread wide, revealing what appears to be the 19-year-old actor’s very first crop of chest hair. His smile is Cruise-like, packed with the kind of porcelain that has never been stained by a lick of red wine. Lautner is flashing those teeth, shifting in his chair, because he’s uncomfortable.

We’re sitting down to lunch at L’Ermitage, a swank hotel in Beverly Hills that Lautner likes for its privacy. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows your name, but pretends they’ve never seen your face. He needs that, these days, that kind of protection. Because Twilight’s Jacob Black — the teen wolf — is mobbed wherever he goes.

“It comes down to what kind of mood you’re in,” he says. “You have to make a decision before you go out: are you willing to sign autographs and take pictures, say hello and meet new people?”

Is it upsetting?

“I wouldn’t say I get upset about it. I asked for this,” he says. “It gets frustrating. But during that frustration you say, ‘OK. Why am I frustrated? I’m doing what I love.’ But sometimes you really just want to go do whatever you want to do.”

Losing your anonymity sure pays well. $7.5 million was what Lautner — now officially the highest-paid teenager in Hollywood — made for his current thriller Abduction, about a high-school student who finds his baby photo on a missing-persons website the same night he watches his parents get killed. The film is his first as a leading man and comes without that built-in Team Jacob fan base, but he’s already had a pay rise. He’s expected to earn $10 million for the time-travel film Incarceron, in development now. (Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson have all reportedly met with producers about playing the female lead).

More extracts from the interview is available from the GQ Website by clicking here.

What do you think of the pictures? Are you a Taylor Lautner Fan?


Video: Paul Giamatti talks about Rob's 'fake' British accent

Paul Giamatti appeared on Jimmy Fallon  lastnight, and spoke about Robert Pattinson's 'fake' british accent. LOL
Rob talk starts from 2:38

Hugh Jackman Talks "Unbound Captives" With Robert Pattinson

Hugh Jackson recently spoke to MTV about 'Unbound Captives', the period Western drama that Robert Pattinson has been linked to for the past few years.(Set to play the character Phineas).

You gotta love Joshua Horowitz - he always looks after his Robert Pattinson fans :)

For the people outside the US (Like myself) who can't see the MTV video - YouTube video added below.