Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Robert Pattinson on Jay Leno, March 18th!

Earlier today, IzzieSpice spotted something interesting on "Late Night Line Up's", claiming that Robert Pattinson would be appearing on the Jay Leno show on March 18th.

Could this mean we'll be getting more of this?

Can I get a "Hell Yes"?!!
@RobPattzNews has just gotten official confirmation!

Woohoo! Another Rob interview! :D
March 18th can't get here fast enough!

To watch clips of the rest of the twi-cast on Leno, check out our older posts.

Better Quality: Robert Pattinson - The "Vanity Fair" Car Photo

*Sigh* i love this picture...
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Thanks to Robsessed!

Three new Water For elephants Stills!

Another new still, courtesy of IMDB.

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Wow, new stills, AND a new trailer being released tomorrow? We're being spoiled! :)

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Which Hot Guy Did You Miss Most at the Oscars?
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Taken from

"Sunday's Oscars brought out gorgeous ladies, sexy couples, and dapper guys, but the star-studded red carpet was without a few of our favorite hot actors.
Leonardo DiCaprio skipped the show, where Inception was up for best picture, and Ryan Gosling didn't come out to support hisBlue Valentine costar and nominee Michelle Williams.
Matt Damon missed the opportunity to cheer on True Grit, and, likewise, Johnny Depp wasn't there to celebrate Alice in Wonderland's 2 wins.
Robert Pattinson didn't take the stage to present with his Water For Elephants leading lady, Reese Witherspoon, since he was busy filming Breaking Dawn.
Ben Affleck was another absent face, despite his The Town pal, Jeremy Renner, being nominated."

So, we want to know — which guy did you miss most at the Oscars?
  • Ryan Gosling — I hoped he would be there for Michelle!
  • Leonardo DiCaprio — He looks too good in a tux to skip the big night.
  • Robert Pattinson — He could have made the show way more exciting.
  • Matt Damon — Wish he'd been there with his beautiful wife.
  • Johnny Depp — His eccentricity would have added to all the fun.
  • Ben Affleck — He would have upped the hot factor on the carpet.
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Jackson Rathbone Talks Robert Pattinson, Breaking Dawn Sex Scenes and More!

Jackson Rathbone, AKA Jasper Hale, talks to MTVs "The Seven" about 100 Monkeys, the Razzies, Robert Pattinson, and the long-awaited Edward and Bella sex scene in Breaking Dawn!