Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jason Priestley to Robert Pattinson:
'Weather the Storm' of Fame

What advice do you have for Rob Pattinson, who is the current idol of the moment?

It's cyclical. There's always a next one coming. I don't know if there's any advice, you just have to weather it, weather the storm and know that this too shall pass.

It's actually not a lot of fun.

No, because when you're really in the thick of it, it gets in the way of living your day-to-day life. Doing the most mundane things becomes increasingly difficult. It's like, "Come on guys, I'm just trying to pick up my dry cleaning, really?"

Yup! Sounds like something Rob has to put up with, alright!
You can read Jason's full interview over at PopEater 

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Kristen Stewart in "US Weekly" Magazine

Jackson Rathbone on George Stroumboulopoulos TV Show

Jackson Rathbone made a brief appearance last night, on the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show.
You can catch his segment below.

"Water For Elephants" Russian DVD Cover

We haven't yet got to see it in the cinemas, but we at least we know what the Water for Elephants DVD will look like when it comes out later this year! :)

Alleged “Breaking Dawn” Reshoot Update

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Rob talks ‘Water for Elephants’ with

Robert Pattinson says Reese Witherspoon caught wind of a rather rude elephant while filming “Water for Elephants,” which hit theaters on Friday, April 22.

Pattinson plays Jacob, a veterinary student who falls in love with Witherspoon’s character, Marlena, a circus performer and the wife of its cruel head animal trainer. During filming, the two worked with a trained elephant named Tai.

“Everybody just wanted to meet the elephant,” Pattinson told about filming with the animal. “I’ve never seen a happier crew on a movie. Everyone comes into work and they’re like, ‘Morning, Tai!’ They’re so happy when the trunk comes up and stuff. It was amazing.”

“I loved the moment Reese is doing her act,” Pattinson said, “She had to do this trick where she rolled … she did a flip off the elephant and then ended up lying underneath it for a second and then kind of smiling at the end of the thing.”

He adds, “The elephant stood up on her hind legs and did the most incredible fart directly into Reese’s face for about a good 30 seconds in front of about a thousand extras and Reese, just wanting the take to be done, just is under there smiling and taking it.”

It was kind of incredible,” he said.

Reese talks about not remembering working with Rob in Vanity Fair

If the above video doesn't work for you, you can check it out on Youtube!

23 New Robert Pattinson Photoshoot Outtakes

*sigh* I love this photoshoot! :)
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Go Rob! Water for Elephants receives universal support

As Water for Elephants reports;

All you have to do to feel good about the momentum surrounding Water for Elephants is search the key words “Water for Elephants” on twitter. 99% of the comments about the film are enthusiastic and positive. With Flixster showing a 93% approval from users, the movie is not only loved by hardcore fans but has become universally crowd-pleasing.

@H2OforElephants asked their followers to tweet adjectives that describe WFE:

Water for Elephants

Other than spectacular, what adjective would you use to describe @? We'll RT the top 10. #GoSeeWFE
But 10 was too limiting. The adjectives poured in:
Breathtaking, absofrickenfablutelymesmerizing, stupendous, amazing, wonderful, refreshing, captivating, epic, beautiful, sublime, the perfect getaway, sensational, emotional, touching, passionate, mesmerizing, authentic, emotional, historical, remarkable, moving, powerful, and more.

And as if all this support wasn’t fabulous enough, a few celebrities have given WFE a shout out.

Tom Cruise gave it retweet:

RT @ Saw Water for Elephants (@). Good movie for this weekend. #MyWeekendMovie
Kings of Leon bass guitarist, Jared Followill got his man crush on:

Jared Followill

Just saw Water For Elephants. RPatz? My manties are trembling.
Chelsea Handler called out for girl power:

Chelsea Handler

Tonight, I'm going to see my girl reese in water for elephants. Let's all go support one of the coolest girls I know. Girls for girls
Zach Braff made an important note that prompted Kinker Jen to joke and say the movie should be called Whiskey for Elephants. Rosie needs an AA meeting! 

Zach Braff

122 minutes. The Elephant never got any Water… so pissed.
Roger Ebert already provided a thoughtful critique but came back on twitter to reality-check some of those negative reviews:

Roger Ebert

Too many critics dumped on Robert Pattinson and lost sight of the elephant in the room. My kinder, gentler review:

And all this support is not going unnoticed by someone who deserves it [The Director]:

Francis Lawrence

Thank you for the great reactions today. It means a lot.

Even though we have to wait another two weeks for it to come out in the UK/Ireland, keep supporting Water for Elephants! Keep the buzz going by adding #GoSeeWFE in your tweets, and take your family and friends with you when it does come out. You know they won’t be disappointed. And neither will Rob! ;)