Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jason Priestley to Robert Pattinson:
'Weather the Storm' of Fame

What advice do you have for Rob Pattinson, who is the current idol of the moment?

It's cyclical. There's always a next one coming. I don't know if there's any advice, you just have to weather it, weather the storm and know that this too shall pass.

It's actually not a lot of fun.

No, because when you're really in the thick of it, it gets in the way of living your day-to-day life. Doing the most mundane things becomes increasingly difficult. It's like, "Come on guys, I'm just trying to pick up my dry cleaning, really?"

Yup! Sounds like something Rob has to put up with, alright!
You can read Jason's full interview over at PopEater 

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