Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random Celebrity Phobias!

Whilst searching through the celebrity files online, we stumbled across a slide show which is quite humorous. The gossip reporters at have compiled a list of the strangest celebrity phobias. Who may you ask is included on said list? Why, none other than our very own Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! writes that Rob has a fear of horses, and having to come face-to-face with his fear during the filming of Water For Elephants left him particularly shaken. Rob is quoted as saying that he had to get knocked down by a horse and "that [it] was terrifying".

Whist we all know Kristen is not one to flaunt in the media spotlight, it still brings home how down-to-earth she is, and her sense of humour, when she says that it's not a family of blood-sucking vampires or a werewolf bestie that freaks her out, rather it is teenage girls, in particular teenage Twilight fans!

This got us thinking, what weird and wacky phobias do our readers have? If you've got a phobia let us know!