Friday, October 23, 2009

The Twilight Fandom Gives Back

3 Fabulous women have requested the fandom's help in their quest to raise funds for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.

Please read their letter - below: 

Dear friends, fans, and followers,

Did you know that every year over 200,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer? We cannot ignore this shocking statistic impacting the youth of the world, and we certainly hope that you won’t either. We need your help.

Starting Nov. 15th, through Nov. 20th, you will have the opportunity to help in the fight against childhood cancer. We haven't set a monetary goal because we're firm in the belief that no matter what we set, you will surpass it.

Running this virtual stand is the biggest challenge we have ever faced – the challenge of raising awareness of just how serious the epidemic of childhood cancer is.
The money raised will go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer, a 501(c)3 public charity, to fund childhood cancer research projects. The mission of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer causes, primarily to support research into new cures and treatments; to encourage and educate others, especially children, to raise money for childhood cancer by holding their own lemonade stands; and to expedite the process of finding new cures and treatments, and bringing them to children with cancer now.

Please help support our efforts and this critically important cause by making a contribution through our virtual stand. You can make your donation online by visiting our Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Fundraising page: Twilight Fandom Gives Back Donation Page.

You can also help us by passing this message along to others who may be interested in visiting our virtual stand, or holding one of their own!

Thank you for your support.

lolashoes, ninapolitan & tby789
Lola, Nina & Christina

P.S. you can find out more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s by visiting

OK! Mag Australia 'Sits down with Kristen' - Sure Sure ! (Click pics 2 enlarge)

So apparently - OK! 'sits down with Kristen for an insight into New Moon' - Sceptical? Me too!

Synopsis after the jump

Did you know:  Top left pic in the 'Did You Know' section completely contradicts itself with bottom right pic in same section! - Great Observation skills OK! - really! 
*hint - heavy sarcasm was used here*

  • OK!- Is New Moon better than Twilight? Kristen: - I feel like its better. I feel like it has been revamped. It has a different feel too it, the script is so solid. The dream sequences are really eerie. Its very masochistic. Robert gets the chance to be a little more scary in the dream sequences, not so perfect.
  • OK!- There was some worry as to whether Taylor would return to the role of Jacob - Kristen - Taylor Lautner is so amazing. He is just great. He is amazing in this role. We are so proud of him. I have a real soft spot for Taylor. 
  • OK! - In real life if you had to choose are you an Edward or a Jacob girl? - Kristen - I can't, I can't. I'm not even allowed to answer. 
  • OK! - So is there anything going on with you and Robert Pattinson? - Kristen - I get asked this so much. But as always I don't see why I should be talking about my private life. It is just that. Private. So either way - I'm not willing to talk about it. Sorry. My private life doesn't affect my professional life. 

Taylor didnt escape their clutches either!



  •  A 'source' tells OK! - 'they are  more than just friends'.
  • When Taylor Swift was ambushed on stage at the VMA's by Kanye West - Taylor Lautner threatened to 'kick Kanye's butt' and Taylor S. was really touched. 
  • Taylor is quoted as saying she is 'on Team Tay', 'I love him' and 'he is so cute'. 
  • They bonded over their breakups - i.e. Swifts breakup with Joe Jonas & Lautners break up with Selena Gomez. 
  • Adina Ong from is quoted as saying 'We think Taylor squared would make a gorgeous couple'.

Please quote The Irish Twilight Sisters if you repost / quote all / part of this article. 
Thanks as always goes to Australian Correspondent OzTwilightTwit.