Monday, February 8, 2010

Famous Mag (AU): Taylor & Kristen: How They Got Caught!

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Kristen has been a busy gal! First Orlando (no wait, in this article, it says it's not true *shock horror*) and now Taylor...*snort* I giggled my way through this article now it's YOUR turn :o)

NW Mag (Australia): Orlando & Kristen: Flirting up a Storm

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Kristen and Orlando? *rolls eyes*

New Stills from Jackson Rathbones - The Last Airbender


***New*** - The Runaways Posters



**NEW** Remember Me Stills.....Rob in the shower....


Thanks to MTV

Stills from Robert Pattinson's Audition tape for "How To Be"

EntertainmentWise reports - 

At one time, no that long ago, Robert Pattinson was a struggling actor. He even had to send off audition tapes. Can you imagine?!


Anywho... We came across these stills from an audition tape Rob made for the film How To Be. From the looks of things Rob is acting in what could have been his bedroom (SCCCRRREAAAMMM) and looking very relaxed in a tshirt and minus his trade mark quiff.

Now we know the tape must have been pretty good as Rob was cast in the little known film. However, we expect he has better things within his portfolio to submit now...

Since this is the closest any of us will probably ever get to Rob's bedroom we suggest you take a good ten minutes to savour the image...