Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fandom Gives Back - Auction - Author Promotion

~Bee - I recently auctioned off blog space & promotion for authors both on this blog & on The Write Stuff blog & via twitter promotion in aid of the Fandom Gives Back in Support of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer .

The first Auction winner was: Bev - details of Bev's story which is for over 18's only can be found below. You can read the preface of this story on The Write Stuff blog and then click on the links for either Twilighted or to read the rest of it. ~ Enjoy.

Story Name:  Trust, Loyalty, Commitment

Bevs details for Twilighted Site - Penname is:  bevell486

Bevs details for Fan - Penname is: belli486

Entertainment Weekly Collectors Cover, Robert, Kristen & Taylor

Which Team are you?


Robert Pattinsons Vanity Fair Outtakes Part 4 - WOW - Click 2 enlarge

Thanks to Vanity Fair for releasing these out takes. Wow - just Wow.

Kristen Stewart talks to Tv3's Expose - Video

Red Carpet moments from New Moon Premiere on the Ellen Show - Video

Ashley Greene on The Late Show with David Letterman - Video

Taylor Lautners Rolling Stone Cover released

If you eventually make it past the cover, you'll read about the actor's "Twilight" stardom, that other Taylor and getting bullied as a kid.
From his numerous talk show appearances over the last few weeks, it's clear the young star is humble about his meteoric rise to fame, even admitting to RS that this really could have happened to any Joe Schmo cast as the shapeshifting best friend of Bella Swan. “I was just lucky enough to be the one that has that opportunity. I'm so grateful. It’s 'Twilight.' It’s not me personally," he explained.

With the newly buff bod he sculpted to keep his star-making role as Jacob Black (not to mention his kick-butt karate skills), it's hard to imagine Taylor ever being the brunt of a school yard bully, but the star admitted to the magazine that pursuing acting made him a target. "Because I was acting, when I was in school there was a little bullying going on. Not physical bullying but people making fun of what I do... I just had to tell myself I can't let this get to me. This is what I love to do. And I'm going to continue doing it."

Taylor persevered, and in addition to the mega-successful series, the teen managed to get his paws on another plum role, joining the cast of the star-studded ensemble rom-com "Valentine's Day" where he said he "instantly clicked" with his country costar Taylor Swift. “Aside from being beautiful, she’s extremely funny, charismatic and fun to be around," Taylor revealed. And that was all he revealed. What a tight-lipped wolf he is!
In addition to the print story, "Rolling Stone" is also running an online-only Q & A where Taylor dishes about the vampire-human-werewolf love triangle and teases the tent scene in "Eclipse" ("That tent scene is the biggest thing possible").

~Bee - Some of the other pics of Taylor from Rolling Stone