Monday, November 16, 2009

Irish New Moon Release Party

We had a great day yesterday at the very first Irish Twilight Event.

It was organised by @TwilightEvent 's Lynda and she did an amazing job. The hotel looked fantastic with this greeting us as we entered....

The volunteer helpers were great and helped Lynda run everything smoothly...some of them are here...

We started with a Twilight themed Table quiz and our competitive streak came out -we didnt win but we did win a prize for funniest answer... LOL

Then there was the Q & A with guest star Solomon Trimble who is so lovely, very interesting and he read us some of his beautiful poetry. Did you know he was a mathematician? He also wants to study epidemiology!

After lunch we had an autograph session with Solomon and we got our pictures taken with him  - below pics are the queue and then my sister, Lynn and me with Solomon.

So after the autograph session we sat down to watch 'Twilight' - it never gets old. 
I got to meet lots of Twi Fans and two of my favourite twitter followers Avril & Ali aka The Twins - i love these girls - they helped me out yesterday giving out my site cards to all the attendees - you girls rock 

So it was all over for the under 18's then but the over 18's went on to the after party in Pacino's in Suffolk St. to continue squeeing and making new Twi friends and Solomon popped along to join us for a while. 

All in all it was a great day. Now Bring on the Eclipse party I say. If you agree get on twitter and tell  @TwilightEvent - We want an Eclipse party!!!

New Moon - New Member (of the Team)

Further to my announcement the other day that Irish Twilight Sisters has a new blogger (~Mel) I am delighted to announce another new member is joining the team. We are now a trio of Twi goodness.

Joining us as our PR & News Correspondent is Lorraine.

Lorraine will help with sourcing and forwarding news items and getting news of the site to people everywhere in an effort to increase site traffic.

You can follow Lorraine on twitter here -

Dont forget you can follow Mel on Twitter here -

and lil old me (~Bee) on Twitter here -

I hope you all join me in welcoming Lorraine to our little team and we all look forward to bringing you the best of Twilight news everywhere.


Just for you Lorraine cos I know you like him but ill fight you for him.... :)

GRAZIA Magazine (AU): Kristen and Ashley interview/shoot

  • KStew has flown to 6 countries in 14 days – that’s crazy stuff!
  • 2 more movies to do – (Grazia, are you confirming that there will be a Breaking Dawn?~Mel) Kristen is also branching out to other eclectic roles – playing Joan Jett in The Runaways, a man in K-11 and potentially play a girl who joins the marines in An American Girl
  • A lot of the interview is stuff we’ve already heard from Kristen, in fact I think it’s a carbon copy of another interview I’ve seen/read i.e. a lot more comfortable talking about herself since Twilight, nicely dodges the relationship rumour, Bella grows up in New Moon, loves Chris Weitz, Bryce Dallas Howard ‘scary & oddly sweet’ yada yada yada…
  • Will be moving into her own LA home and will be swapping her 6 yr old Mini for a 4WD Merc! (like everyone else in LA). For Christmas, she will be buying her parents a Lexus.
Now Ashley's turn... She looks amazing doesn't she?

  • She was told by agents she’d never make it and moved from Florida to LA to give it a shot anyway
  • Enrolled in acting classes and worked in bars and restaurants to make ends meet – found it difficult without her support systems i.e. family, friends… was broke and on the verge of giving up until she scored the role of Alice Cullen in Twilight. (My, have things changed :o) ~ Mel)
  • She’s signed up for the remaining two Twilight movies (again? Breaking Dawn going ahead? Do they know something we don’t? ~Mel) and has other movies in production
  • Despite the increased fame, Ashley finds it harder to date. There is also a down side (referring to the nude photo's leaked on to the internet which is still fighting with legal action)
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NW Magazine (AU): Rob & Kristen Caught Out (Click to Enlarge)

So what kind of nonsense does NW serve this week…

  • NW say of the ‘holding hands” pic “…they gave us all the proof we need that they’re lovers” – oh purrrrlease! It does confirm that they’re comfortable around each other and possibly dating, but ‘lovers’? oh yeah, I forgot, you’re all about embellishing, exaggerating, fabricating…
  • “NW can officially confirm the stars have been dating for months” really? What’s your source?
  • Witnesses (of NW’s imagination *rolls eyes*) of Robsten kissing at the New Moon screening.
  • Thanks for the tongue-in-cheek ‘mile high’ comment – it really was necessary…**NOT**
A lot can be said about NW, but at least they gave us some always welcomed eye Twi-Candy :o)

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'New Moon' Unscripted - Complete Interview - Moviefone

'New Moon' Unscripted - Complete Interview - Moviefone