Monday, May 14, 2012

Robert Pattinson on the cover of 'Telerama' promoting Cosmopolis

This looks like a promotional shoot for Cosmopolis. He's wearing the Eric Packer watch and it seems he has the wacky haircut already. We'll see it better when a HQ cover comes in. 

For now....enjoy the sexy man mid-strut!

Behind the Scenes of Kristen Stewart's ELLE cover photoshoot

American Radio Station K955 FM have an exclusive Behind The Scenes video of Kristen Stewart's ELLE magazine photoshoot, and thankfully, the video is now on YouTube!

In case you missed it, we have all the scans from ELLE, and the full interview with Kristen! 

SWATH UK Premiere Master Post

The UK Premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman is happening right now!
Check out these beautiful pictures of Kristen Stewart on the Red (Green!) Carpet!!
What do you think of her dress?


click for bigger!

Here's some of her with the other actors from the film, including new Daddy, Chris Hemsworth and the Evil Queen herself, Charlize Theron!! :)
(Click for bigger) 



Kristen Interview (via)

Kristen with chris Hemsworth and then another interview :) (via)

SWATH Cast on the RED Carpet  (via) I

Interview with Kristen and Charlize (via)