Monday, November 7, 2011

NEW Cosmopolis Stills with Robert Pattinson!

Remember yesterday when I posted the trailer for Cosmopolis?
I said I'd probably pass out from excitement before actually getting to see the film....
Well, now I know for a fact that it WILL happen. 
A PDF magazine has been shared online today, and features some new stills of Rob as Eric Packer.
(You can view the full PDF featuring the images by clicking here.)

Now... take a deep breath... scroll down... and click the images to make 'em bigger!

Full Still

We actually got this next still last Monday, but now here it is... bigger and better :)

Full two pages from the magazine
Stuck together

Full *DETAGGED* Still
Rplife / detagged / Via via

Check out a translation of the article after the jump!

Kristen Stewart on Fitzy & Wippa on NovaFM

She hopes won't get embarrassed watching the sex scene with her parents... 

Check out Nova's other interview with Robert Pattinson by clicking here.


Win a copy of the Movie tie-in Edition of
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Original Article:

Cosmopolis Clip shown at the Lisbon Film Festival Today!

David Cronenberg previewed a clip from Cosmopolis during his promotion of A Dangerous Method at the Lisbon Film Festival today.
You can't really see much of the clip, but the sound is pretty good!

I fear I may actually pass out from excitement before seeing this movie. 
Watch it, and leave your thoughts about it in the comments below....

Source: 3cheers4tyranny

*Added description of the trailer after the jump!*

Colm Meaney Mentions Robert Pattinson:
"He's A Very, Very Good Young Actor"

Who are you playing in Bel Ami, and what was that cast like to work with?

MEANEY: It takes place in France, in the last 1870′s and 1880′s, with all the shenanigans and wheeling and dealing going on in the business world. The story is about this young man who gets out of the army. He was an officer in the army and he goes to Paris to get a job, but he’s not doing too well. He’s down on his luck. And, he meets a friend of his who was an officer with him in the army, who works the press, and he gets him a job on the newspaper he works for. And then, he meets this guy’s wife, and he meets the wives of the editors, and he ends up having relationships with all these woman, and basically screws his way to the top. That’s the story. It was a great cast. The three women were Kristin Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci.
And, Robert Pattinson is terrific. He’s a very, very good young actor. For him, it was an important step away from the whole Twilight thing. I think they’re having some post-production questions about it, so it’s taking a lot of time to come out, but it was such a pleasure to do.
Kristin Scott Thomas is such an actress. What an amazing actress. My character is married to Kristin.

New Bel Ami Still!

From Promicabana:
While fans are really interested in the theatrical release of "Breaking Dawn", the makers of "Bel Ami" have seized the opportunity and published a new image with Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman.

Do you see the dramatic facial expressions? Something must have happened. Anyone who has read the novel on which the film is based, which perhaps means you, will know what is at stake.

We have not, so we can operate only guesswork.

Robert Pattinson plays the young Georges Duroy , who rises to the highest circles in Paris, because he manipulates the wealthiest and most influential women.

It is still not known when "Bel Ami" is celebrating its theatrical release. The movie database IMDB only lists a Portugal date - the 23rd of February 2012 .

Will you be going to see it when the movie comes to the cinema?