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Robert Pattinson Tells Magic 105.4 About His Experience With The Lion In WFE

Magic 105.4's Rick Astley talks to Robert Pattinson about the lion in WFE that really DID have teeth! :O

Robert Pattinson is the eighth wealthest Briton under 30!

Young, Rich and Handsome.
Yes Robert Pattinson is the eighth wealthest Briton under 30 according to "The Sunday Times Rich List" that came out today.

He was beaten on the list by his Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliff but somehow I don't think Rob is going to be too bothered about it!
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Figures compiled for the Sunday Times Rich List illustrate just how lucrative the Harry Potter and Twilight film franchises have been for their stars.

Just as JK Rowling's wizard adventures have beaten Stephenie Meyer's vampire saga at the box office, Radcliffe has won the wealth battle against Pattinson.

Radcliffe, 21, is now said to be worth a staggering £48 million thanks to his appearances as Harry Potter on the big screen and his stage work.

Pattinson, 24, who appeared in the Harry Potter movies before going on to play Edward Cullen in the Twilight films, has amassed a £32 million fortune.

The figures put them in fifth and eighth positions respectively on the list of wealthiest Britons under 30.

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Michael Sheen Teases 'Extraordinary' Breaking Dawn Battle Scene

Via MTV:

For the die-hard "Twilight" fans out there that have devoured and dissected Stephenie Meyer's four-book saga over and over again, it can be difficult to get them to admit any flaws in the author's beloved tomes. However, one common discussion topic that comes up frequently is the ending to "Breaking Dawn."

Without delving too deeply into details, or spoilers, for that matter, the last half of "Dawn" teases readers with the possibility of an epic vampire-on-vampire battle. And then — again, without giving too much away — the battle that occurs is not so much epic ... as anticlimactic.

When MTV News caught up with Michael Sheen as he promoted his upcoming ensemble Woody Allen film, "Midnight in Paris," we asked whether the movie will mirror the book or if things have been amped up for the big-screen adaptation.

"Oh this is very amped up, yeah," Sheen revealed. "This is, I think we spent something like four or five weeks shooting that scene and it takes up a big chunk of the movie," he added. "And it's got extraordinary things going on in it, so it certainly won't be anticlimactic."

Sheen's comments will hopefully be music to the ears of "Twilight" fans hoping for some actual action in those big final sequences, and they fall in line with the bits and pieces of information we've derived from other castmembers. Peter Facinelli told us a few months ago that he'd been doing some intense scene work with "a lot of vampires."

"I don't want to give away too much, but if you've read the books, it's the standoff with lots of vampires in play," he said. "There's like 70 people going through the works at once. It's a little maddening, but fun."

Scan of Rob in the "Irish Daily Mirror"

There was a small mention of Rob in the 3AM section of Saturdays "Irish Daily Mirror".
Apparently, the elephant at the Australian WFE premiere got in a sneaky little feel of Rob's bum!
(Never thought I'd be envious of an elephant!!)

The Graham Norton Show: What We Didn’t Get To See...

Thanks to one of the lucky girls who were at the taping of the Graham Norton Show, we now have details of what we didn’t get to see!

"So, there was a whole section where Graham talked to Rob and Reese about the fact that lots of the stunts they did for WFE looked genuinely dangerous. He mentioned Roman Riding (standing across two bareback horses while they are in motion) for Reese, along with the fact that she had actually been thrown from a horse at one point, which she said had been embarrassing. Then Rob observed that he was struck later by how they had done lots of stunts and scenes which in retrospect were actually really dangerous. He then referred to one scene he did with a lion, where the lion was in a cage, that he would have to put his arm in. Rob then said that the temperature was “like a hundred and ten degrees” then he seemed to get really nervous and said “that sounds like a made-up temperature, that doesn’t sound real,” but Reese assured him it could be real. LOL. Anyway, I digress. So he recounted the story where the lion was really lethargic because of the heat, so the trainer got it riled up with meat beforehand and it was really pissed off by the time Rob had to do his scene, which was to put his arm in the cage. 
He said that in retrospect, he can’t believe he did it because every time, the lion ate the prosthetic arm. And Reese was nodding in agreement at this point. He said that the reason he would do this dangerous stuff was because everyone was acting like it was totally normal and so he went along with it because “didn’t want to look like a pussy.” As he said ‘pussy’, I could just see on his face that he thought, “shit, I’ve said the wrong thing!” Too cute for words. Then he said he asked his bodyguard later, “If the lion had attacked me, what would you have done?” and his bodyguard answered, (Rob puts on an American accent) “I would’a shot it.” And Rob is like, “that would have been extremely embarrassing!”
Also, the part where he briefly recounts the screaming fans / German techno fantasy on the show, was longer. He mentioned that he had this idea for a comedy sketch, then he kind of checked himself in the cutest way and said, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, because I might still do this sketch for a comedy show,” then continued to tell the tale anyway!
Finally, the other part I most liked that they cut was where Rob recounted a story about filming on location in Spain years ago when there was this one ‘stalker’ who would wait outside his apartment every single day, and so eventually, he asked if she would like to go out for dinner. (!!) So she took him to her parents’ place in the mountains, where they ate truly horrible food, and then he paid for the meal. He finished by saying she never came back after that!
I also liked the dorky way he applauded the other guest, Shappi Khorsandi, when she mentioned a charity fundraising effort – he clapped by hitting his hands against his thighs. ;D
Other favorite moment: the entire female population of the audience trying our best to pay attention to Hugh Laurie performing a song, while Rob lounged on a sofa sipping beer, looking utterly fuckable and watching him too!

The Irish Mail on Sunday gives WFE 5/5 stars!

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New/Old Robert Pattinson Still from "Ring of the Nibelungs"

Better Quality Postcard-Still from "WFE" UK Premiere

This still was given to fans on a postcars at the WFE London Premiere. Now we have it in better quality!

Video: T4's interview with Reese and Rob!

The sound is pretty quiet so you'll need to turn the volume up. We'll add better quality when we get it!

Exclusive Clip from ‘Love, Wedding, Marriage’

With thanks to BuzzSugar… GAH!

I cannot wait for this film to come out...this clip…with Kellan….*dies*