Monday, August 31, 2009

Beautiful 'New Moon' still released of Edward & Bella

Thx to and thanks to ThinkingofRob for B& W image - you guys rock

Some of your favourite quotes from Twilight movie Part 1 - rec'd via Twitter

"You know your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash" - Bella to Edward in Cafeteria

"So you enjoying the rain?" - Edward to Bella in Biology

'I don't just surf the internet' - 'La Push baby, It's la push' - both quotes by Eric to Bella as he tries to get her to go to the Quileute Beach, La Push.

'Look at you huh, you're alive' (complete with jazz hands)- Mike to Bella the day after the van crash. LOL'd at the jazz hands comment.

'What's sup arizona, how you likin' the rain gurl?' - Mike Newton to Bella as they enter Biology - Bless him...

Billy: "I’m down with the kids". Charlie: (sarcastically) "Oh yeah, dude, you’re the bomb". (I love this one)

 "Hi, I’m… I’m Jacob. We used to make mudpies when we were little"- Taylor to Bella when they meet outside Charlies house.

"You better hold on tight, spidermonkey!"  - Edward to Bella before he runs up a tree with her on his back. (I really want to be Spidermonkey)

"I had an adrenaline rush. It's quite common, you can Google it!" - Edward to Bella after he saves her from being crushed by a van. 

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'New Moon' Actor on Aggressive Confrontation With Kristen Stewart

Alex Meraz has gone too far with Kristen Stewart during New Moon shooting. On Saturday, August 29, the second day of Summit and Creation Entertainment's official "Twilight" convention at New Jersey, the actor who plays Paul in this Twilight sequel and his co-star Chaske Spencer revealed that Meraz was overly aggressive while filming a confrontation scene with Kristen who plays Bella Swan.

The scene was supposed to be a simple confrontation between Bella and the wolf pack. However, when dissolving into his part, Meraz played the scene overly aggressive by screaming, grabbing Stewart by the throat and hurtling his line at her. But apparently, director Chris Weitz did not agree with Meraz's take on the scene as the actor was halted by the filmmaker.

"Chris Weitz comes off-set like, 'Yeah, I like the energy Alex, but just take it down a little,' " Spencer, the depicter of Sam Uley, helped his co-star recalling the shooting process which involved Meraz and Stewart. "Meanwhile the producers are freaking out back there." Meraz jokingly added, "'Cause nobody touches Kristen Stewart".

David Slade tweets great pictures of Taylor Lautner

The first pic is from an early lighting test they were doing on set and the second is Taylor mid-back flip which he does from a standing still position according to David Slade, director of Eclipse.

Peter Facinelli - Charity signing & donation in Portland

Even though the Twilight Convention in Portland, Oregon was cancelled this past weekend it didnt deter star Peter Facinelli heading to Portland to sign autographs for fans and visit the children of Doernbecher Children's Hospital.

Last night he said this in a Tweet (Via Twitlonger):

The courage I saw in the faces of these sick children is something I will never forget. Their smiles were stronger than any disease. Even the sickest of the group I met were determined that yesterday be a good day. I spent the morning with them in awe of their strength. Not only their strength but the strength of their family members supporting them. It made me very aware how much health is taken for granted. I pray they win their fight and can return home again soon.

Over $5000 was raised during the 4 - hour signing he did. He also tweeted :-

I was so affected by what I saw yesterday morning, and so inspired by those children, their families, and all who came out in support, that I have decided to personally match that $5000.00. Doernbecher's Children's Hospital will be receiving $10,000 due to our collaborative efforts this weekend.