Monday, September 7, 2009

HQ Photo of Edward & Bella in New Moon

Paramore & Kings of Leon combo - Does it get any better? Sorry - we are big fans of both - Enjoy


Ashley Greene out in LA

Keeping it cool in a ruby red maxi dress, Ashley Greene shows off her pearly whites as she attends a pool party at the Roosevelt Hotel on Sunday afternoon (Sept 6) in Los Angeles.

Peter Facinelli & The Hulk - oops he made him angry!!!

Peter tweeted these pics from 30,000 ft - "My 1st tweet from 30,000 ft.On an airplane.There's wireless internet onboard. Only 1 thing more awesome. Lou Ferrigno is sitting next to me." & then "Mr and the Hulk. Super nice guy" & then "Oops I called him the hulk."