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New Pitch Perfect - Clip:
"The Bellas Remix 'Just the Way You Are'"

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Entertainment Weekly to Release “Twilight: The Complete Journey”

Just another thing to remind us that the end is near... : (
Entertainment Weekly will be releasing “Twilight: The Complete Journey” worldwide on October 2nd.

The description is as follows;
A gorgeous all-access guide to the Twilight saga from the magazine whose writers and photographers covered the phenomenon before anyone else and better than anyone else.
“The Twilight Journey” follows author Stephenie Meyer and stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner on their wild, five-year journey from the set of the first movie to the premiere of 2012′s “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.” With funny, intimate, often shockingly frank interviews as well as set visits, trivia, book and movie guides, and dozens of now-iconic photographs.
The book is not only a keepsake for fans to pore over but also a revealing portrait of an unassuming first-time author and three very different young actors coping with a fame so sudden and overwhelming that it not only transformed their lives but Hollywood itself. Includes five posters based on original EW covers.
You can pre-order now it from The Book Depository for €10.83 (inc. Free Worldwide Shipping)

You could also choose to order from for €19.84 or for €16.15 if you have the extra cash lying around ; )

New Trailer for Anna Kendrick's "The Company You Keep"

Anna Kendrick stars alongside Shia LaBeouf in "The Company You Keep" - a thriller centered on a former "Weather Underground" activist who goes on the run from a journalist who has discovered his real identity.

The Company You Keep will premiere at the Venice and Toronto International Film Festivals in September, however there is no official Irish release date as of yet.

You can see Anna as Diana at the 1.10 mark :

HQ Versions of the newest Breaking Dawn Part 2 Stills!

Here are the HQ versions of the new Breaking Dawn: Part 2 images that MTV revealed on Tuesday!
Click the pics for for bigger! : )

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Christina Perri to be involved with ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Soundtrack?

Christina Perri was on America's 96.5 TIC FM's program ‘The Acoustic Cafe’ this morning, and might possibly have dropped a huge hint about the new soundtrack for Breaking Dawn - Part 2. Perri was interviewed on the show and sang an acoustic set, however before singing Breaking Dawn Part 1's ‘A Thousand Years’, she mentioned that she might possibly have already seen Part 2 already and even that she “might be involved” with it!
Read more below:
Perri ended her set with “A Thousand Years,” the hit song she wrote for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One. Before jumping into the music, she recalled her experience with the film series, and writing the single. “I’m not even gonna pretend I was cool about it… I cried the whole time,” she said. “I watched the movie and I went straight home and wrote this song.” 
But what she said next was the most exciting news for Twi-Hards everywhere… “I might have seen the last film (Breaking Dawn Part Two) too, and it’s pretty amazing,” she teased, before adding. “I might be involved in that. I’m not really allowed to say though… just a hint.” And with the bomb dropped that Christina may be back for another round of Twilight music, she played her last song, joking “I’m sucking at secrets today! 
You can read the full story over at the Source if you're interested!


New Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills plus an interview with Bill Condon where he reveals the running time!!

MTV have shared new stills from Breaking Dawn Part 2 with us today, as well as an interview with Director, Bill Condon! Read it - and see the new images - below:
MTV's Fall Movie Preview continues in conjunction with "Twilight" Tuesday to bring you brand spankin' new images from "Breaking Dawn -- Part 2". Our fancy new photos feature more new vampires along with a swoonworthy shot of Edward (Robert Pattinson) looking postcard perfect.
And that's not all, we've got a double dose of "Twilight" goodness with a few juicy details about the film straight from director Bill Condon, during which we learned the official running time, which vampire power has the coolest visual effect and why the film's climax will take your breath away.

MTV News: How are you feeling? What stage of the post-production process are you in?

Bill Condon: We're at the stage of mixing and doing color timing and adding that last big bunch of visual effects shots, and that's where it gets complicated because the [most challenging] ones always come in last, so it's just making sure that they look as good as they can, that's the big thing right now.

MTV: Is there one specific FX shot that you're particularly pleased with?

Condon: Oh man, there are so many that are so beautiful. I love the way, it's very creepy, but I love the way that Alec's mist looks. He has that mist that can make you blind, deaf and dumb, so that's looking really good. It feels like the best Hammer [horror] movie you've ever seen. It's a little different [type of mist] and sort of has tentacles that can get inside you and all that stuff.

MTV: I'm so excited to see all the powers! I spoke with Mackenzie Foy recently, the most adorable person the planet, and she talked about how she had fun filming her "power scenes."

Condon: I know, she's adorable, right? Her power, she touches somebody and she can show them what's in her head and that you develop. There are some visual things, but a lot of that is done through Carter Burwell's score, but then just recently in the mixing Dane Davis, who is a brilliant sound designer, he did "The Matrix" and so many other movies, he had her just speak and read poetry and things like that, and he's turned it into hundreds of tracks. You don't actually hear words but it becomes the chattering of her [voice], it's a very abstract effect that I've never heard before. It's really cool.

MTV: In the last stages of mixing and production, is there something that during filming you liked but have come to love in seeing onscreen?

Condon: There's a lot of that. I would say the whole climax, I feel like it's the biggest musical number I've ever directed. It does feel, when you finally get the rhythm of that right, it makes it, I hope, very satisfying.

MTV: What was the biggest, busiest most fun day on set?

Condon: The biggest and most fun, just because of the surprise they pulled off, we went to the top, top, top as far as you can get in this arena to get the widest shot of the [battle]field with the Volturi on one side and the Cullen group on the other and on the last take suddenly you hear the Eurythmics and they all start to do this intimately choreographed dance that they'd worked out. It was a huge day and the biggest party ever.

MTV: Well we can only hope that that ends up on the DVD.

Condon: I think it is, yeah.

MTV: Have you made any more decisions about the soundtrack? You have so many musicians in that cast.

Condon: Oh yeah, that's interesting. I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about it yet but we've just now finally firmed it up so that's exciting.

MTV: How about the running time? Is that official yet?

Condon: Yeah. The running time is one hour and 56 minutes, one minute shorter than the first one and as such, I think the shortest of all of them.

MTV: We talked about the biggest and busiest day, what about the most quiet, emotional moment?

Condon: There are a lot of those, I would say. ... I don't want to talk about one scene because that's a surprise but you know what, the scene when Charlie meets vampire Bella for the first time and then meets Renesmee. This is a movie that really only has one fully human person, if you treat Taylor [Lautner] as a magical creature, so Charlie is our way into this whole thing. If Charlie can believe it and understand, I think the rest of the audience can too. Of course, Billy Burke is such an incredible actor who can really humanize any moment, so watching him and Kristen together in that scene, I remember everything was a total pleasure in that.

MTV: It's a little ways off yet, but have you planned a vacation?

Condon: [Laughs] My idea of a beach holiday is going to New York for two weeks, just going and hanging out. I think I'll do something like that.

MTV: What advice do you have for the fans on how to pass the time before the movie comes out?

Condon: Oh that's an interesting question. There's a slight surprise with the score. [They should] listen to all the old CD's of all the composers [of the other "Twilight" films], maybe that, refresh themselves on the different themes.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Tops UK Entertainment Chart!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 has dominated entertainment sales in Britain this year, selling nearly twice as much as its closest rival!
According to the Entertainment Retailers Association entertainment chart, which combines sales of DVDs, games and music albums, it has sold more than 1.2 million copies in the first half of 2012.
In second place was the compilation album Now That's What I Call Music 81, which notched up 667,932 sales.
A surge in videos on Blu-ray and DVD account for 21 of the top 40 best-sellers - up from 2011 when only 19 videos made it into the chart.

Breaking Dawn Part 1, Starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, had grossed more than $700m (£442m) at the global box office before its release on DVD.

Source: Sky News

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Second trailer for Anna Kendrick's new film "End Of Watch"

We now have another trailer for Anna Kendricks new film "End of Watch" which will debut at TIFF this year! (Click here to watch the first one.)


New Breaking Dawn Stills from the movie-tie in book!

Here are four new Breaking Dawn stills!

The first two are from the movie tie-in books, which will be released on September 25th.
(You can pre-order the 'family' one from here for €9.05, and the mother-daughter one from here for €4.83)


The third image is a poster from Pyramid International which should be available to buy tomorrow from here.

The last picture is the same as one we got back in July - only this time, we have Renesmee!

Friday, August 24, 2012

New Face Friday: Angela Sarafyan talks 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

This week's "New Face Friday" interview is of Angela Sarafyan, who portrays Tia of the Egyptian Coven!
Check out the interview below!
Q; With Stephenie Meyer being on the set did you get a chance to talk with her and get any new insight about your character Tia?
Angela: I did. I did get a chance to talk to her. We actually spoke briefly about how she cam up with the character. And I don’t even know if it’s really coming up with but there’s just a little bit of a talk about how Benjamin and Tia came from poverty and kind of struggled until they met Amun and Kebi. It was interesting to hear her perspective on the character.
Q: Was it nice having her there?
Angela: Yeah, of course, it was kind of cool. It was like having a legend on set in a way. Because she wrote all those books and she came up with those stories. And then to actually meet the person that did that, that was kind of surreal. It was kind of surreal to be on that set in general.

Q: How did you prepare for your role once you got cast? Had you read the series before hand?
Angela: No, I hadn’t read the series beforehand. Actually, how I got ready initially was I saw the third film before my audition and was readying all your sites actually about everything twilight. Because I had a short time to get ready for the audition so basically it all started from you guys. There is so much information that you put out there. I felt fortunate to have all the sites available. After I heard I got the part, I had briefly read summaries of the books before the audition, then after that I read it. I read the full book and completely saw all the movies, and got a sense of the world I was coming into.

Q: I was wondering if you could tell us what it was like seeing yourself in full out vampire gear the first time.
Angela: I didn’t know what it was going to look like. It was trippy. It was, I don’t look anything like that. I was really cool because I don’t look anything like my character in the movie at all. From my hair to my makeup, to the clothes that I wear, I don’t look anything like it. I even think I look, there’s this picture out now of all the vampires, and I don’t even think it looks like me. That picture, she looks Egyptian. It’s crazy that this transformation happened. It was cool to finally play a character that didn’t look anything like me.

Q: I was wondering, since you are Egyptian do you use an accent or how you make your voice a little different?
Angela: Nothing was different. There’s a slight accent, but everything was just really subtle and real. Also with our looks we’re really different from the other vampires. Just so you know. We are all golden. We are not white. Being Egyptian, that is one of the things that stood out. We look really good. So there wasn’t anything too extreme about it. Which I liked. I think it kept it real. As real as a vampire is.

Q: What was it like coming into such an established set? What was it like to feel like the new kid?
Angela: I think that I had that experience initially, but what’s interesting is that there was so many of us that we became the people that everyone else was gonna try to fit into. There were so many vampires and so many actors there. Initially it was… I am trying to think of the correct word because the very first scene that we shot was at the Casbah, and I remember just going on that set and seeing Elisabeth Reaser and their faces that I’d seen posters of and these faces that I’d seen in the films. I couldn’t digest it. I couldn’t look at it and go oh whatever, who cares, they are just actors, it was surreal. The whole thing was completely surreal. I remember I came on set the day before we were shooting, or two days before, and I saw Kristen sitting there, and I was like that’s the girl. There’s the face that I’ve been seeing and hearing everywhere. There’s that little head. It was interesting to finally see them in the flesh. It was not as intimidating as you think. Just a very crazy thing to see these things for real.

Q: When you came into this, who were you most excited to work with?
Angela: I was looking forward to meeting Rami [Malek] because he was going to play my man. I know technically I should be excited to meet Kristen [Stewart] and Rob[ert Pattinson] and all those cats and I was happy to meet them, I really was, but I think that most excited about it was meeting Rami because we were going to be mates, as vampires can be. We were mates. I didn’t know who he was and it was a lovely surprise. It was just a great surprise. I think when you see the film, you will think that we are a couple, which is cool. We really found what was special between us.

Q: Whose idea was the photo pose for the EW Comic Con photo booth?
Angela: It just happened. Nobody had an idea. I went and I stood there and we didn’t know what to do. It just happened.
Q: It was really good.
Angela: Thanks, I love that picture too.

Q: What was the most challenging part of playing this role?
Angela: I don’t think it was challenging actually. I didn’t find it to be very challenging. I kinda just took everything from one moment to the next. I don’t know, I would think that the right answer was that it wasn’t really challenging, it was fun. It was interesting and fun to approach based on the world that was being created. If that makes any sense. Because I didn’t know really what I was walking into, so everything was kind of created in the moment. I had ideas, but those ideas can be thrown out the window once you walk on a set, and you see what’s really going on. So then you create in the moment, which makes it more exciting. It wasn’t a challenge, so it was more fun than difficult in any way working on this part. Creating real relationships and building the characters from there. I guess, ultimately. And there were pleasant surprises along the way. There are pleasant surprises because you don’t know who you are going to meet. So when you have connections with other actors, like Kristen and I and Rob and Rami and Omar [Metwally] and a lot of us had real connections. People had real chemistry. It was surprising that those things happened and I was happy for them. And you create friends as well.

Friday, August 17, 2012

New Face Friday: Rami Malek talks 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

Twilight Moms got to interview Rami Malek for this week’s “New Face Friday”. He plays Benjamin of the Egyptian coven in Breaking Dawn Part 2

Check out his interview below!
Have you gotten to see any of your scenes on film yet- and if so what you thought  of the special effects?
“Great question I had an ADR* session, I’m sure you guys are familiar with that right?? (ADR stands for Automated Dialog Replacement)  So I got to see some of the temporary effects they weren’t quite done but as far as I was concerned they were good enough for me- they really looked brilliant-vibrant and felt very real- I was happy to see that because there were points that I was concerned about- I’m always concerned watching a movie- when something looks as if it was developed from a computer and you can see when it looks generated by a computer it really takes one out of the film so I was happy to see that it really just looks as if I was doing these in reality”

Stephenine has recently released the “The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide” which had a huge backstory between the Egyptian coven and I know we’ve already sampled a little bit of what we are going to see from you-did we get any of that feud with the Volturi history from you guys?
“Well after reading the novel I came to the conclusion that there was going to be a lot of work I had to do because there wasn’t that much said in her novel- so I came up with a lot of ideas and Angela who plays Tia came up with a lot of ideas and we shared them over the course of filming- and when we met Stephenie she was able to give us a real concrete backstory which wasn’t far off from the things that we had created on our own. It was a very special feeling to have that acknowledgement from her that we were on the right track with her story from things that we were coming up with from our own crazy imagination”

Some of us had the opportunity to interview Bill Condon and when we were talking to him he mentioned talking with you about developing your power and you brining ideas to the table and where it emanated from. Can you talk about collaborating with Bill Condon- about the power or just your character in general
“I don’t know if you’ve been told this from anyone else-but when I first met Bill he allowed us to talk with him for a great period of length which is not always the case with every director so we were able to talk about the character just one on one for quite awhile- it really felt like a collaborative effort- whatever I was coming up with he felt like he could trust and what he was saying I wanted to trust as well-because I knew I was in the hands of one of the best of the best so in that regard it was very much a shared effort and then once we were on set- we were really able to come to the conclusion that Benjamin would use his powers- it would be a physical movement rather than the way that Dakota (Jane) might use her powers for instance. We just tried out an number of different physical movements and started to get a feel for what was right. I just kept trying to give him different options so he would be able to use what he wanted and I think he was happy with it.”

We saw in the trailer the water effect- are we going to get to see Benjamin use all his powers?
“That remains to be seen- I know we shot quite a bit of stuff using different powers so I don’t know what will make it into the end of the cut –the final cut- but-I think there should be some pretty cool surprises in store in regards to manipulating the elements.  At least I hope they’re there!”

Rami you have a lot of other cool projects going on one of them being The Master- have you done your work on that yet and if so what has that been like for you?
“I would say The Master was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever got to work on- I’m very fortunate to have the privilege of working with directors like Bill Condon and Paul Thomas Anderson who I think is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time. And working with Joaquin Phoenix and alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams I just feel privileged to be able to get to work with them on a daily basis.  I’m honored and floored by all of that- this experience was really something special for an actor to get to work with people at the top of their game- creatively and as dedicated as they are was something I will cherish for a long time-  I think it’s gonna be one hell of a movie- they both are.
Thank you for asking me- and you know what else I really respect that on the websites I know that people have been telling me that people post pictures of the other projects that we are working on – and to see that there is that care that goes across the board- once you’re in a Twilight movie it feels like someone out there has your back through the course of my entire career so thank you guys for all of that- I really appreciate it – and a big thank you to the fans who have been following everything as well”

Speaking of fans- and being obsessed what is something that you are a big fan of or obsessed with right now? Be it TV or film or music or whatever?
“Let me think what will or will not get me into trouble…. What do I like? You have to give me a second- you didn’t stump me I’m just trying to be creative and not give a traditional answer-

Is there any artist you discovered on the Twilight soundtracks that you’ve come to love?
“I do like the Twilight soundtrack- they play them on KTRW every once in a while –which is a Los Angeles radio station – I’ve always liked Iron and Wine – I grew up in Los Angeles but for some reason I’ve always been drawn to Bluesy folky music things that kind of rip into your heart a little bit- I’m the guy that can sometimes play a little too much slit your wrists music – but it excites me- it really does.  I like Johnny Flynn he’s a young British guy with a folk sensibility to him- so of you know him already I know that
I like discovering new works of art too- I don’t want to sound goofy but- I like going to art shows. For TV I just started watching “Breaking Bad” and I’m having trouble pulling myself away from that-  with the music thing the “slit your wrist type stuff” it doesn’t depress me it actually makes me happier in a weird way- as crazy and sadistic as that sounds- sad music makes me happy”

You were cast early on… a lot of people were really happy right away because we all remember Ahkmenrah- can you tell us if there are any similarities between that character and Benjamin?
“Well they don’t share the same eye color so that’s a good start- they both have a little bit of a nice tan going on in both movies- in Stephenine’s book it says that the Egyptian coven has an olive pallor so it was nice while we were working not to get a lot of that white make up that everyone was wearing because- it’s just not pleasant and I don’t think it made anybody look any better than they did in real life.- but it worked their vampires and its kind of odd being a tan vampire. I loved both experiences but their two entirely different people- they’re both yes Egyptian but… I had a British accent in the Night at the Museum movies and this one I do not – and they come from two entirely different worlds the thing that they do have in common is you can trace them back to ancient times Ahkmenrah was a very old soul and so is Benjamin- I’ll put it that way”

What were some of your favorite moments during filming?- Do you want to talk about the end where they had a dancing scene?
“Yes I’m not the best dancer- so I can’t throw that one down as one of my top moments though it was fun to see Bill’s face light up when we surprised him like that- I don’t know what I’m allowed to talk about in that sense- Favorite moments I would say meeting a lot of this new cast and the old cast and establishing some great friendships. I’m going to see one of the actors right now I’m on my way driving to see one of them-I won’t tell you who it is. I’ve established some great relationships and it’s not often through work that you really hang on to people.  It’s funny on a movie set people are always telling one another “I can’t wait to see you and talk to you and keep up this relationship” and I’ve had great experiences- after doing the Pacific I still hang out with all of the boys that we make believe fought a war with- And with this group- I’m not going to say I hang out with everybody but there’s a lot of phone numbers that get used in my little call log and vice versa which is nice I think I will know these people for a long time- most of them.”

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David and Rob answer Fan-Questions about Cosmopolis!
(including one from our bloggers!)

Last week, the Official Cosmopolis Facebook Page asked fans to submit their questions for a Q&A with Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg... today they put up their answers, and guess what?

MY QUESTION WAS READ OUT BY ROBERT PATTINSON and answered by David!!!! (around the 1.32 mark) 
Rob said MY name! lol ~Jess

Check out the video below - there is a lot of interesting stuff in it! : )

Video: Robert Pattinson on Good Morning America

Robert Pattinson was on Good Morning America earlier today to promote Cosmopolis in the US.
Check out his interview below.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Robs next movie-role - Lawrence of Arabia!

This has been now confirmed by Gossip Cop (YAY!) who also reveal that production is due to start in late fall! :)

*Original Post*
According to Variety, Robert Pattinson is attached to play a young Lawrence of Arabia opposite Naomi Watts in the film "Queen of the Desert".

Rob at the Cosmopolis Premiere last night.
Just days before "Cosmopolis" opens in limited release, star Robert Pattinson has joined the cast of Werner Herzog's indie "Queen of the Desert," which will star Naomi Watts as English writer Gertrude Bell.
Pic will chronicle Bell's life as a writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer and political attache for the British Empire. One of the first women to graduate from Oxford at the turn of the 20th century, she traveled through the Middle East, defining the borders of Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Pattinson is attached to play T.E. Lawrence, a British Army officer whose writing earned him international fame as Lawrence of Arabia, on whom David Lean's classic 1962 epic is based. Lawrence was a good friend to Bell over the years, as the duo helped establish the Hashemite dynasties in Jordan and Iraq.

Cassian Elwes and Nick Raslan (Herzog's "Rescue Dawn") are producing the pic, which is aiming to start production in late fall.

Outside of the "Twilight" franchise that catapulted him to fame, Pattinson has avoided blockbusters to work on challenging indie projects with acclaimed directors. After wrapping Francis Lawrence's adaptation of "Water for Elephants" and the lusty period pic "Bel Ami," Pattinson chose to work with David Cronenberg on "Cosmopolis," which opens Friday. Thesp is set to star opposite Guy Pearce in David Michod's Aussie drama "The Rover," as well as the indie thriller "Mission: Blacklist," which chronicles the hunt for Saddam Hussein.

Video: Rob on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

*Updated with better Quality and download link*

Robert Pattinson's interview with Jon Stewart aired in the US last night.
There was Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, and he kinda-sorta spoke about Kristen in it - or rather just smiled and laughed when Jon mentioned it - but overall he did well and my goodness doesn't he look well!!!
You can catch his interview tonight at 10:30PM on "Comedy Central Extra" (If you have it) or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD it.

What did you think of the interview? Are you proud?

download link / video source

Monday, August 13, 2012

MTV to have another "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" this Thursday!

MTV are bringing us another "MTV First: Robert Pattinson"!
The last time MTV did a Twilight-related interview (Comic-Con 2012), they allowed people outside the US watch... there's no word on if they're going to be doing the same this time, but fingers crossed! 
(We'll keep you all informed!)
Via MTV:
Robert Pattinson Bringing 'Cosmopolis' Sneak Peek To MTV!
Actor will debut an exclusive clip from his upcoming flick Thursday night on MTV, followed by a 30-minute interview at

Hey Robert Pattinson fans, are you ready for a chat with your favorite actor? MTV News has got you covered with "MTV First: Robert Pattinson."

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 16, when Pattinson will premiere a new clip from his upcoming and buzzworthy film "Cosmopolis"on MTV at 7:49 p.m. ET. (12.49AM UK/Ireland) Immediately following the on-air premiere, Pattinson will sit down with MTV News' Josh Horowitz for a 30-minute interview on Fans can join in on the fun by submitting questions beginning today through or via Twitter using @MTVNews and the hash-tag #AskRob.

Those who've been following the news surrounding "Cosmopolis" know that the David Cronenberg-directed thriller is already a favorite, as it was voted the #1 most anticipated movie in our MTV Movie Brawl. The story, which is based on Don DeLillo's novel of the same name, follows young billionaire financier Eric Packer (Pattinson) in the not-too-distant future as he's chauffeured through Manhattan on his way to get a haircut. His entire world falls apart as his marriage is failing, his financial status is slipping and even his very life is being threatened.

The film also stars Juliette Binoche, Sarah Gadon, Mathieu Amalric, Jay Baruchel, Kevin Durand, K'Naan, Emily Hampshire with Samantha Morton and Paul Giamatti and opens everywhere Friday.

Don't forget to tune in to MTV and on Thursday to hear everything Pattinson has to say about making the film.

Paul Giamatti talks Rob and Cosmopolis on GMA!

This morning, Robs co-star in Cosmopolis, Paul Giamatti, was on Good Morning America promoting Cosmopolis and he had some funny things to say about Rob!
There's also a scene from the film shown in the interview - check the video out below!

Rob will be on GMA this Wednesday!
Tonight he will be on The Daily Show at 11PM ET (4AM UK/Ireland time).

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Rob to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on August 22nd!

*Update* 22-08-2012
You will be able to watch the show live at 5AM Irish  time (GMT/BST) by clicking here. : )

According to Late Night Shows Lineups, Rob is scheduled to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on August 22nd. YAY! They have a great relationship! : D

Thanks to RPLife for the tip!

New Face Friday: Tracey Heggins on 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

TwilightSeriesTheories hosted this week's "New Face Friday", which introduces Tracey Heggins, who portrays Senna of Amazonian Coven!
Tracey: Hi! How are you guys?
TST: Great!
Tracey: I am excited to talk to you guys!
TST: We just saw the posters of you and Zafrina. The other actors have talked about what they first thought when they saw themselves. What was your first reaction when you saw the hair and the make up, and the outfit and the eyes?
Tracey: Roar! (sound) That is exactly what I thought! Whoa! This has an earthy, sexy quality to it, so I was all for it. It’s very exciting!

TST: Speaking of what you look like… You are baring a lot in your outfit. I’m wondering if you had to diet or work out? What was your regiment?
Tracey: Yeah! I have to work out. I’m a hippy girl… I have hips and curves. Literally, when I had the fitting, I had a King Size Snicker bar in my purse. After I had seen the outfit, on my way out, I dropped it into the trash can. (Laughing) I was, like, oh, no, no, no, no! But yeah, I do a lot of yoga. And, on set it was easy to be disciplined because Kellan Lutz is up there working out all day long, and the rest of them were fighting to get to the gym before shoot time. So, you know, it was a lot of camaraderie at the gym because we were all on camera.

TST: You were a big fan of the books and the franchise before getting cast. When you were cast who was the first person you told, when you were aloud to tell?
Tracey: Oh! My sister! My sister’s my best friend. It literally blew my mind, because I’m such a sic-fi, fantasy, you know, fan. And, I’m in love with love. Stephenie really captured that first love, that first passion. So, it was just an honor, I was jumping over the moon, and yelling! And, she was looking at me, my sister, and asking, “What the heck are you yelling about?” I was like, “I just got the job, it’s an amazing opportunity!”

TST: I’ve hear Mackenzie and Judi talk a lot about working with you, but I haven’t heard you talk about working with them. Can you talk a little about your relationship on set and off?
Tracey: Wow! They’re both my girls! I’m telling you… That Mackenzie is something beautiful and something special! She was my test student for my children’t books. I would read to her and she would give me her notes. She would come to set with pictures drawn of my characters, which was amazing. She’s just a sweet honest soul, she’s a nice little girl. We’d have walks looking at the ducks and things, we really honestly became friends and, well, I’m that age at heart! So what can I say? It’s not a stretch for me, I think I’m a little girl. And then, Judi, I cannot go shopping with her because we like the same things, and if I have a quarter in my purse we’ll go to the mall and figure out how to spend it. Judi is the best shopping mate of all time! She likes funky items. Even though we are so different, we are so much alike. Like, for instance, she’s got this ‘rocker’ kind of quality, and Iove classic things. But for some reason, we’ll end up buying the same things but putting them on totally different. It was truly a blessing.

TST: I was wondering if when you were preparing did you get a chance to talk with Stephenie about these characters, or was there any pow-wow about how she saw them and how you were going to portray them?
Tracey: Yeah, yeah! It was exciting! Very, very exciting! She was literally on set the whole time we were shooting and she was so available and so kind. So if we had any kind of question she was open to answer them. We’d ask, “What do you think we would do here?” And she was very receptive. That was really a blessing. I mean, I was in awe! I love Stephenie Meyer… I’ve read The Host, and everything. At first I was speechless, and then, she’s so warm and so kind, what can you say, but thank you!

TST: So you had some of your first Twilight experiences with the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere and Comic Con this year. How are you handling it and what are you looking forward to when the movie actually gets in theaters?
Tracey: The Twilight fans, in particular, are just so kind and the reception has been so warm. So I’m just riding the wave. It’s a nice place to be as an actor. You couldn’t have been blessed any more to be able to do this and have the fans support you. So I haven’t seen the movie so I’m curious. I don’t know what I expect. I just know that it was a blessing to work on the project. I met so many friends, like Mackenzie and Judi. Working with them, Toni Trucks, Valerie, all of them, Erik, Noel Fisher. I met so many great people, so hopefully through this, I’ll maintain my friendships.

TST: Your character doesn’t really have a special super power in the movie, but if you could choose any power for your character which one would you like it to be?
Tracey: Oh boy! That is so good! I mean all of them are so awesome! What special power? I mean… I guess she would like to have a shield, but then… Ahhhhh! Oh golly! I mean there are so many I would like a piece of all of them. Um, let me see which power would I want? I guess to electrocute people! I mean, my character’s a fighter, and that would go well with her. (Laughs) That was a good power to have. I think it’s so fun, so I guess that one.

TST: If you had a favorite thing to shoot, was there a moment you were, like, ‘Wow!’?
Tracey: Yeah! My first ‘Wow!’ moment was when I got on set, but pretty much the scenes when we all, it’s in the trailer, when we all said that we want to stand by the Cullens. Just watching everybody in action, I thought that was a good moment. Because, it was something… I don’t want to use the word teaser, but I just think that it was just one of those surreal moments for me. Looking around and watching everybody else and say that we want to help the Cullen’s out, that was a big moment for me. I thought it was awesome.

TST: Looking at your costume, I think you and Judi both have a costume, as you said, a smaller costume, and everyone is always talking about the wolves having to be in the cold with not a lot on. I think you’re the first girls to be in the cold with not a lot on. How did you buck up against all the cold weather wearing what you were wearing?
Tracey: Oh Wow! They provided us with heaters and all kinds of stuff. We had, like, foot warmies on. It still was jarring, as soon as you walk out. We’re deep in Canada, and walk out, and the cold does hit you. But I think that we were so full of adrenaline from being on set, and being in Twilight that it didn’t really effect us much. We moved around so much that I think we were working off adrenaline, but then as soon as your ending the day you realize it’s kind of cold out here… With our little outfits on. Everyone could hear me coming down the hallway because I had all the puka shells, and you’d hear me, like, “clack, clack, clack”. The first two days it was driving me crazy, but then I missed it afterwards. I was like, “Awe man! I have no theme music!”

TST: Did you get to keep anything from set, or from your costumes or anything?
Tracey: I tried, but no! They were checking my bag on the way out! No, I guess they never know if we’re going to be reshooting, or what’s going on, so the set, they keep those just in case.

TST: We saw in the promotional pictures the makeup around your eyes, but in the film we don’t see that. Is that something we will actually see in the movie, or is it just in the promotional shot?
Tracey: No! You’ll see that in the movie, I don’t want to spoil anything, but yeah! You’ll see our makeup… Our special makeup!
TST: Hmmmmm…
Tracey: It was fun! At first when they put it on me, I was like, “Hey! What are you doing? What is this going to look like?” But after we got it on, were like, “Wow! This is super cool!” It goes with the contacts and the hair, because as you can see I have really short hair. Everything, it’s so fun, such a blessing… I cannot complain at all! That is super fun, when they’re experimenting putting makeup on you and making you look fierce. It was just great, even playing in the makeup, I’m such a girl!

TST: In the books, Senna doesn’t talk much. Do you have lines in the movie?
Tracey: Yeah! In the trailer, I have my little line there. In general, yes. I like that you brought that up. Senna is very quiet, you know, she’s watching. She’s there to protect Zafrina, and she’s kind of scared. In my backstory, the last time she’s seen the modern world, they were making a muck of her village and moving things. She is that quiet, kind of watching… And then she meets the Cullen’s and you can’t help but fall in love with them. But yeah, Senna is always constantly checking out, and figuring are these good people or are these bad people? How are they feeling? She doesn’t have a whole lot to say, because she really wants to see what’s going on. Is Zafrina going to be safe, and now is this baby going to be safe? What’s going to happen? She’s very fierce, and she’s almost like a lioness. She’s maternal and visceral.
TST: It’s all about forceful presence!
Tracey: Yeah!
Thank you, Tracey!

New Clip: Anna Kendrick sings in ‘Pitch Perfect’

This banner was debuted by the Pitch Perfect Facebook Page! : )

Check out the very first clip of Anna Kendrick in her new film 'Pitch Perfect'!
(Her part starts from the 1.04 mark!)
Pitch Perfect will be in UK/Ireland cinemas from October 19th! (U.S. on Oct. 5th)

So what do you think of the clip? Will you be going to see it when it hits Irish cinemas?
It reminds me a little bit of Glee! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Scans: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in EW's "Fall Movie Preview" Magazine

It was announced yesterday that EW Magazine would have a Breaking Dawn special, and today we have the scans which features more new stills and interviews with Rob, Kristen, Taylor , Bill Condon and Stephenie Meyer herself!

Check them all out below. (click images to make bigger/save!)

Source: RPLife

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Renesmee Character Poster!

Source / via

Rob to be on the ‘Daily Show’ and "Good Morning America next week!
(+ details of livestreams)

Amidst all of the rumours surrounding Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart right now, the only site we trust to bring us the truth is Gossip Cop! So we were delighted to learn that they have confirmed that Robert Pattinson will be on The Daily Show next Monday, August 13th!
Robert Pattinson will appear on “The Daily Show” on Monday, August 13, Gossip Cop has learned. He’ll then be seen next on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America. That's fact.”
The Daily Show will be at 11PM ET (4AM GMT), but people outside the US should be able to watch a livestream of the show by clicking here on the day. 
If you are not in the mood of staying up that late (or early as the case may be!), and have digital TV you can watch the show the following evening, Tuesday August 14th at 10:30PM (GMT) on Comedy Central Extra. (Set your reminder now!)

Rob then has a 'press-day' before appearing on Good Morning America!

This one will take place on the 15th August between 7 and 9AM ET (12-2PM GMT) and GMA's reps have confirmed that the interview will take place live!
Reportedly, people outside of the US can watch a livestream of the show herehere or here, but we'll confirm those closer to the time! :)

Looks like a busy week ahead for Robert! Do you think they will ask about Kristen or just focus on Cosmopolis?
What would you like to see happen? Let us know in the comments section below :)

BTS of Kellan Lutz’s Time Warner Commercial

Back in May, we showed you a Twilight-Themed commercial from Time Warner, which featured Kellan Lutz. 
Now we have a look behind the scenes! (There's a reminder of the commercial at the end.)

Oh Kellan... were-woof?! LOL

New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Images in EW's Fall Movie Preview Issue!

Not only did EW release a new Breaking Dawn Part 2 still of Bella and Renesmee as a teaser for their upcoming Fall 'Movie Preview' issue, but last night they treated us a preview of the cover  - which features yet another still - this time of Edward and Bella in their meadow. (aww)
And, thanks to the ever amazing Spunk Ransom, we also have screencaps of more stills which were shown on Entertainment Tonight last night!.

Last years Fall Movie Preview also featured great stills and interviews from Breaking Dawn Part 1, so this issue will almost certainly not disappoint! The issue will also have an exclusive interview with Director Bill Condon, where he speaks about the recent Robsten drama. You can read a preview over at EW by clicking here.

Check out the images below!  (click to make bigger!)

New Still


Video: Robert Pattinson talks Cosmopolis

Check out Robert Pattinson's three "Movie Minute" Cosmopolis interviews below, where he talks of things like his nerves and how great it was working with David Cronenberg and Paul Giamatti.




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New trailer for Kristen Stewart's On the Road

MSN have revealed a brand new trailer for Kristen Stewarts film 'On the Road'! (See the first one by clicking here)
We've added a YouTube version below for those unable to view the MSN one!

On the Road is due to be released here and in the UK on October 12th! :)

YouTube Version (thanks to

New Bella and Renesmee Breaking Dawn Still from EW!

EW have just released a new still of Bella and Renesmee! :D
And hmm... it looks like Bella is giving her daughter the locket she bought to mark Christmas!

Need a reminder of what I'm talking about?
Check out the quote from the book below the picture!

~*~Just before Christmas~*~
“Welcome home,” he said, as if this was just any normal day. As if there weren’t twelve other vampires in the room involved in various pursuits, and a dozen more scattered around somewhere. “Did you have a good time with Charlie today?”
“Yes. Sorry I was gone so long. I stepped out to do a little Christmas shopping for Renesmee. I know it won’t be much of an event, but . . .” I shrugged.
Edward’s lips turned down. He quit playing and spun around on the bench so that his whole body was facing me. He put one hand on my waist and pulled me closer.
“I hadn’t thought much about it. If you want to make an event of it—”
“No,” I interrupted him. I flinched internally at the idea of trying to fake more enthusiasm than the bare minimum. “I just didn’t want to let it pass without giving her something.”
“Do I get to see?”
“If you want. It’s only a little thing.”
Renesmee was completely unconscious, snoring delicately against my neck. I envied her. It would have been nice to escape reality, even for just a few hours.
Carefully, I fished the little velvet jewelry bag from my clutch without opening the purse enough for Edward to see the cash I was still carrying.
“It caught my eye from the window of an antique store while I was driving by.”
I shook the little golden locket into his palm. It was round with a slender vine border carved around the outside edge of the circle.
Edward popped the tiny catch and looked inside. There was space for a small picture and, on the opposite side, an inscription in French.
“Do you know what this says?” he asked in a different tone, more subdued than before.
“The shopkeeper told me it said something along the lines of ‘more than my own life.’ Is that right?”
“Yes, he had it right.” 
~*~Just before the confrontation with the Volturi ~*~ 
I watched from a distance, waiting by the tent for Renesmee to wake. 
When she did, I helped her dress in the clothes I’d carefully picked out two days before. Clothes that looked frilly and feminine but that were actually sturdy enough to not show any wear—even if a person wore them while riding a giant werewolf through a couple of states. 
Over her jacket I put on the black leather backpack with the documents, the money, the clue, and my love notes for her and Jacob, Charlie and RenĂ©e. 
She was strong enough that it was no burden to her. Her eyes were huge as she read the agony on my face. But she had guessed enough not to ask me what I was doing.
“I love you,” I told her. “More than anything.”
“I love you, too, Momma,” she answered. She touched the locket at her neck, which now held a tiny photo of her, Edward, and me. “We’ll always be together.” 
“In our hearts we’ll always be together,” I corrected in a whisper as quiet as a breath. “But when the time comes today, you have to leave me.”
Her eyes widened, and she touched her hand to my cheek. The silent no was louder than if she’d shouted it.
I fought to swallow; my throat felt swollen. “Will you do it for me? Please?”
She pressed her fingers harder to my face. Why?
“I can’t tell you,” I whispered. “But you’ll understand soon. I promise.”