Thursday, October 13, 2011

Secret Circle's Thomas Dekker Talks About Auditioning For Robert Pattinson's Role In "Twilight"

Any fans of the TV series "The Secret Circle" out there? 
If you are, then you will recognise this guy, Thomas Dekker.

He spoke to Access Hollywood recently and mentioned how he auditioned for the role of Edward but wasn't right for it!

We know that Robert Pattinson is the ONLY one that is the perfect Edward. :)

Twilight talk begins around the 3:00 mark.

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Holly Willoughby Talks About Possibly Interviewing
Robert Pattinson on "This Morning" (UK)

Holly Willoughby spoke on UTV's "This Morning" about interviewing the Twi-cast & possibly Robert Pattinson.
She is a major Twi/Rob fan (so it should be a great interview) and has been itching to meet Rob (haven't we all?!)

No word yet regarding when it's going to air but it will more then likely be a pre-recorded interview and she seems to be recording it soon.

We will update as soon as there's any more info.

*Audio is a bit difficult to hear, so concentrate!*


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