Saturday, July 21, 2012

HQ Scans: Robert Pattinson in September's Black Book Magazine

Oh wow!! We have new Robert Pattinson Pics from September's Black Book Magazine!
He looks absolutely amazing in this! And the colours? Wow!

If you can pull yourself away from staring at the pics (which you should right-click and save, by the way!!), be sure to read the article - the interview is done with Robert Pattinson's heart! (Yes, seriously!) he has some very interesting things to say ;)
So we've added the transcript below the jump in case you can't read the scan! : )


Inside Film Reports on proposed Shooting Dates For “The Rover”

An Australian website called Inside Film is reporting that Robert Pattinson's next film “The Rover” could begin shooting on 24th January 2013, with the wrap-date as late March 2013.

Remember though, these are only the proposed dates, so nothing is confirmed just yet, but when we hear anything more concrete we’ll let you know straight away!! : )