Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday Rob (Part 2)

1986 was a big year!
  • The United Nations declared it the "International Year of Peace".
  • 5,000,000 people formed a human chain from New York City to Long Beach in California.
  • The first computer virus started to spread.
  • A baby cried out in the Portland Hospital (guess) in London.
    Yes, Robert Pattinson was born.

And so, many of us had our paths suddenly set, and were slowly on our way toward a life full of swooning, obsessing, screaming, laughing, crying and smiling as we watched him slowly grow into the beautiful, amazing, sexy (I could go on) man he is today.

As if our earlier post wasn't enough, below is a collection of Rob  porn Pictures for you to scroll though, swoon over, and celebrate that we have this man in our lives!

To set the mood, you even get to choose your own music ;)

UK No. 1 on May 13th 1986

Spitting Image - The Chicken Song
US No. 1 on May 13th 1986

Whitney Houston - Greatest Love Of All
And of course, we had to have this!

Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

(Click to make any of these bigger!)

So Happy Birthday Rob! 

Thanks for being you!
Hope you have an awesome day!

Love from every one here at ITS.

(yep, there's 25 of 'em there ;))

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I'm sure he'd appreciate it ;)

Jamie Campbell Bower talks about working with Rob & Kristen


Access Hollywood - Happy Birthday Rob

Access has put together their favorite funny Robert Pattinson moments in celebration of his 25th birthday today! :)

Happy 25th Birthday Rob - The Evolution of Rob

Happy 25th Birthday to our leading man!

(click to enlarge)

Rawdy - Vanity Fair
Unfortunately his scene was cut
Giselher - Sword of Xanten
aka Ring of the Niebelungs
& Bad Hair Rob
Cedric Diggory - Goblet of Fire
This did not end well :'( 
Toby Jugg - Haunted Airman
Creepy spider scene *shudder*
Daniel Gale - Bad Mother's Handbook
Adorkable & funny
What's not to love
Art - How to Be
Depression has never been so hot!
Salvador Dali - Little Ashes
We still would... 
Edward Cullen - Twilight
And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
& vice versa
Richard - The Summer House
Short film - not enough Rob
Edward Cullen - New Moon
Thank God for CGi & apparitionward
Tyler Hawkins - Remember Me
How could we forget you!
Edward Cullen - Eclipse
Proposal scene - nuff said!
Jacob Jankowski - Water for Elephants
Only Rob could make us want to run
away with the circus & adopt
an elephant
Georges Duroy - Bel Ami
No release date for playboy Rob yet
Edward Cullen (&wife) - Breaking Dawn
Is it November yet?

And coming Soon...

Insanely crazy book - can't wait for the movie!!

Happy Birthday Rob

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