Friday, December 24, 2010

Bill Condon tweets a new still!

Bill Condon has treated us to yet another holiday present, and wished us a Happy Christmas!

"Happy holidays from the Swan home to yours" - Bill

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Yay! only 328 days left till Breaking Dawn! :)

But really, it's not important when you realise that it's our Blogger, Bee's, birthday!

Hope you've signed her card ;)

What day is it, again?

In case you didn't know, today is a very special day - December 24th 2010.
Why are we reminding you of this, you ask?

Well, it's because today marks the birth of the two most amazing writers I know [of].
  1. Stephanie Meyer, AKA the creater of our Twilight world.
  2. Bee Whelan, AKA IrishTwiFicster, and founder of this blog! :)

Yes, it's Bee's birthday!! *Que cheering*

As a side note, if you haven't read her fanfics yet, you're missing out!
Even Robert Pattinson himself loves them! (Okay, I may be stretching the truth just a little bit there.)

But he did drop by to play her a birthday song. ;)

*Swoon* Thanks, Rob...

We have also created a very special birthday e-card for her, so please click here to leave her a message!

Remember, today is all about Bee, so join in the fun and tweet, or comment your best wishes to her, and join us in saying...

"Happy Birthday, Bee!"

From every one reading and writing at ITS.

We love you long time, lady! :)