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For Team Edward- New 'Old' Pics of Rob from MTV awards

Screen Caps from New Moon Trailer - Enjoy

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Top 10 Twilight Saga Surprises...So Far !!

Access Hollywood-
The “Twilight Saga” only has one movie under its belt so far, but already there’s been enough drama surrounding the vampire franchise to fill a soap opera. With “New Moon” on the way this fall and production on “Eclipse” beginning, counts down “Twilight’s” craziest moments so far!
10. Naked Volturi - Jamie Campbell Bower revealed that the Volturi vampires will appear naked in “New Moon” – but it turns out that he was only joking.
9. Catherine Hardwicke Not Returning For “New Moon” - After helming the massively successful “Twilight,” and earning the biggest opening weekend ever for a female film director, Catherine announced that she would not return for “New Moon.”
8. Taylor Lautner Almost Loses His Role - For awhile things looked dicey for Taylor Lautner. It was rumored that due to how big his character, Jacob Black, becomes in the second film, Summit was concerned Taylor wouldn’t be able to fill the werewolf’s paws. It caused quite an online stir, as fans petitioned and fought to keep Taylor in the role.
7. Stephenie Meyer’s Leaked Book - After an unfinished rough draft of Stephenie Meyer’s latest “Twilight Saga” novel, “Midnight Sun” was leaked on the Internet, the author explained, “If I tried to write ‘Midnight Sun’ now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die.
6. Dakota Fanning As Evil Jane - It was quite a surprise when Dakota Fanning, who had been known as the beloved blonde child actor from dozens of movies, was cast to play the evil pint-sized Volturi vampire, Jane. 5. David Slade Knocks “Twilight” - There’s nothing worse than angry fanpires. After David Slade signed on to direct the third film “Eclipse,” it was reported that he had made some disparaging remarks about the series on a radio show.
4. Taylor Lautner’s Abs - Yes, Taylor’s abs get their own spot on the list, and rightfully so. With his shirt off for much of “New Moon,” fans can see that all the hard work at the gym has paid off for Taylor Lautner and his eight-pack. At the San Diego Comic-Con, tweens nearly lost their mind when they saw the coming attraction.
3. Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Dating Rumors - While it has long been a dream for many of the Twi-hards to see Edward and Bella spark a real-life connection, it appears as if this off-screen rumor mill has heightened in recent weeks.
2. Ashley Greene Nude Photos - After nude shots allegedly of the star were leaked online this past Monday, Ashley Greene is firing back threatening legal action.
1. Rachelle Lefevre Recasted! - The surprising news that Bryce Dallas Howard would be replacing Rachelle Lefevre in the role of Victoria for the third installment of the series, “Eclipse” sent a shockwave through the fan base. While Rachelle said that she was “stunned” by the news, the studio fired back saying that it was due to “schedule conflicts” and pinned the blame on Rachelle.
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Incredible Fan Made video - Prepare for tears & / Goosebumps

Kellan Shops Armani - A man after every girls heart!!

Kellan Lutz took a break from all his fight training for 'Eclipse' in Vancouver to do a spot of shopping - this man has style, Armani style !!! He also stopped a few times to sign autographs for eager (lucky) fans.

Funny Entertainment Tonight vid of Kristen, Rob & Co at Teen Choice

Vancouver gets a total 'Eclipse' of the heart -Contains Poss set locations & Spoilers

The Vancouver Sun reports on the filiming of 'Eclipse' on the streets of its city.

"Prepare for battle on the streets of Vancouver. The latest instalment of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga, Eclipse - currently in production and due out in 2010 - is a love triangle set against a backdrop of vampire wars with Vancouver substituting for the streets of Seattle.

Mortal humans are being devoured by a new vampire army in the bricky byways and urban alleys of the sleepless city.

Eclipse finds human heroine Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) in a state of confused bliss as her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen (played by brooding super- hunk Robert Pattinson) is back from a self-imposed exile and vows never to leave her side again.

Trouble is, Bella's close werewolf friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) has made a similar vow to himself and continues to pitch woo in spite of Edward's return.

Undead Edward grudgingly allows Bella to maintain her friendship with Jacob despite his correct suspicions that Jacob has more than platonic love in mind, a decision he will unlive to regret.

In spite of their romantic competition, Edward and Jacob will have to join forces to protect mortal Bella from the ravenous newly turned vampires led by the flame-haired Victoria. They flee into the mountains - conveniently remote from delirious fans, known as Twi-hards, and paparazzi as well as Edward and Bella's vampire pursuers - to hide.

Jacob's werewolf clan, the Quileute Indians from the nearby La Push Reservation, leave the woods for the city streets to quell the blood-thirsty mob with the help of the Cullen-allied vampires.

When Victoria finds the young lovers in their mountain hideout, Edward must step up to fight the ultimate battle.

The bigger battle for Eclipse producers Summit Entertainment will be keeping young vampire hunters from disrupting the film sets.

Some of the more remote New Moon locations on Vancouver Island and Port Coquitlam are easy to defend and they will undoubtedly be used again.

  • Bella's house is under canvas and behind wire fencing in Surrey awaiting her return.

However, urban settings in New Moon, such as the Ridge Theatre and David Thompson secondary school in Vancouver, drew large crowds of fans during New Moon production last spring, some travelling thousands of kilometres in hopes of catching a glimpse of the movie stars.

  • This time, Twi-hards are not even waiting for filming to get underway and are already piling into town to take commercial Twilight set tours or track down the locations and stars for themselves.
  • The actors are routinely ambushed by fans in local nightclubs and restaurants, particularly Yaletown's Glowbal Grill, a favourite of Pattinson. To his credit, Pattinson is reportedly patient and friendly with his fans.

Many Eclipse cast members have been in town for a week or more in advance of rehearsals. Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black), Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen), Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale), Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria) and Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) are already in Vancouver and have been photographed by relentless paparazzi and fans in the airport and downtown.

Lautner and Reed, who spend much of their free time together, have stopped to chat and have their pictures taken with fans almost daily.

  • Filming on Eclipse is scheduled to start Monday. As with New Moon, its locations are kept tightly under wraps - but the story itself yields some hints as to where the production might touch down.
  • Sometime between its starting date and the target wrap date on (spooky) Oct. 31, Eclipse will require a downtown backdrop, likely the city's heritage district on the western edge of Gastown.

New/Old EW outake of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart now in colour

We have already seen this Entertainment Weekly pic in black & white but we think it looks so much better in colour. What do yo think?

Hot 'Robsten' GiF from New Moon


New 'Eclipse' Cast members bonding in Vancouver

'Eclipse' Newbies Bryce Dallas Howard & Xavier Samuel (aka The new Victoria, & Riley) were spotted leaving their hotel in Vancouver and taking a walk together. They are currently in Vancouver rehearsing for the upcoming shoot of 'Eclipse' which is due to start filming on Monday, August 17th .

Twilight Cast finally goes too far?

From E! Onlines Ted C - Summit is going to be making some big changes over at that OCD-like studio. No, Robsten isn't going to come flying out of the dating closet. According to Nikki Finke (an industry know-it-all), their public relations head-honcho, Vivian Mayer is getting replaced. We've confirmed with our own sources the hardly vivacious Vivian is vamoosing away. Darlings, this is a loaded decision by Summit's part. The Big Wigs over there are p-i-s-s-e-d off. Why? Because this phasing out is sending a message that they are not happy with the lack of control over this deliciously raunchy Twilight cast. Think we're being overly dramatic? Look at the obvious: This comes after one of the more over-exposed weekends in Twilight history. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart suddenly got caught all over the damn place with lunch dates, concert dates, and multiple sleepover dates. Now, Robsten suddenly getting caught is either on their doing (which we hope), because the paparazzi have stepped their game up (doubtful), or failure on Summit's part to get these pictures squashed (like they have very much done in the past). "That weekend made a lot of people nervous," Deep Twi told us about Robsten's LA love-fest. And to top it off, everyone came into the office Monday with a nudie pic scandal by our fave-vampire Miss Ashley Greene. This weekend was just icing on the cake. What started it all? "Rob's Messy Love Life" splashed across People Magazine. Like we told you before, Rob's team was furious about that headline. It was something that easily could have been kaput in our business btw, with a little "exclusive set visit" or some other fab offer in return. And most magazines always take that bait. So we're thrilled to see what this new change in Summit management brings us. More Robsten, perhaps? Only time will tell.

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Kellan Lutz gets his guns out !!

From E! Onlines Ted C - "Yowza, check out those bulktastic guns on Twilight guy Kellan Lutz. Yummy! We know (and understand) why Robert Pattinson gets all of the media and female hype, but there's totally something about Kellan that just makes us want to rip our clothes off."

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