Friday, August 14, 2009

Twilight Cast finally goes too far?

From E! Onlines Ted C - Summit is going to be making some big changes over at that OCD-like studio. No, Robsten isn't going to come flying out of the dating closet. According to Nikki Finke (an industry know-it-all), their public relations head-honcho, Vivian Mayer is getting replaced. We've confirmed with our own sources the hardly vivacious Vivian is vamoosing away. Darlings, this is a loaded decision by Summit's part. The Big Wigs over there are p-i-s-s-e-d off. Why? Because this phasing out is sending a message that they are not happy with the lack of control over this deliciously raunchy Twilight cast. Think we're being overly dramatic? Look at the obvious: This comes after one of the more over-exposed weekends in Twilight history. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart suddenly got caught all over the damn place with lunch dates, concert dates, and multiple sleepover dates. Now, Robsten suddenly getting caught is either on their doing (which we hope), because the paparazzi have stepped their game up (doubtful), or failure on Summit's part to get these pictures squashed (like they have very much done in the past). "That weekend made a lot of people nervous," Deep Twi told us about Robsten's LA love-fest. And to top it off, everyone came into the office Monday with a nudie pic scandal by our fave-vampire Miss Ashley Greene. This weekend was just icing on the cake. What started it all? "Rob's Messy Love Life" splashed across People Magazine. Like we told you before, Rob's team was furious about that headline. It was something that easily could have been kaput in our business btw, with a little "exclusive set visit" or some other fab offer in return. And most magazines always take that bait. So we're thrilled to see what this new change in Summit management brings us. More Robsten, perhaps? Only time will tell.

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