Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jackson Rathbone / ProActiv Solutions Caption Competition

Do we all remember Jacksons Proactiv commercial ? No well check it out here -

Now, Proactiv solutions have sent me 2 sets of skin treatment products to give away so I am going to run a small competition which i hope you will enjoy. I will send the sets anywhere in the world so no matter where you are feel free to enter.

This is a pic of the prize....

And this is the competition : Its simple, just post a comment or you can send an email  'Captioning' this pic of Jackson & Ashley. You can be funny, dirty (preferably, LOL), sarcastic, or just plain and simple. The top 2 captions will win a ProActiv set.Next Sunday, 20th Sept is the closing date so get your thinking caps on.The email address is

Prize includes - Green Tea Moisturiser, Mini Maintenance System Travel Kit, Clear Purifying Mask & Advanced Blemish Treatment. 2 x prizes. Closing Date Sunday 20th September.

Jackson Rathbone talks about what he likes in women !! *Swoon*

Gabrielle from Examiner online has this great interview with Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper Hale.
"Jackson Rathbone is a triple threat. An amazing actor, singer, and writer. Women can only imagine what Jackson might be looking for in a woman. Some might think that any woman he might take a second look at would have to be drop dead gorgeous. Wrong. Jackson opens up about his favorite features about women, dating advice, and how to seal the deal for a second date with him!"

Gabrielle: Jackson, What are qualities you look for in women?
Jackson: I look for a woman with a sincere smile and a love of the arts. I love being able to go out on crazy dates, like breaking into zoos after hours, so a woman who has a sense of adventure... but I also love a calm night of jamming on a beach at midnight with a bonfire, whiskey, and friends... so a woman who can hang in any situation and not get too clingy if I'm playing some music and spending time with my friends and family.

GC: In your opinion, what do men really notice about women?
JR: The way she carries herself. Many times, my friends and I will notice a girl who is beautiful, but just looks miserable in her demeanor. It's a turn-off. Life's too short.

GC: What is your ideal first date?
JR: Well, I live with the band I'm in, 100 Monkeys (, so I like to take a girl out to dinner alone, go for a walk and chat, and then come back to our "Monkey House" to see if she can hang with my friends/bandmates. If she's cool to jam some tunes with us, shoot nerf guns at my bandmates' heads, or at least not get offended when I pick up a guitar... then I know there'll be a second date.

GC: What is a total deal-breaker?
JR: If a girl is involved with another guy. I don't believe in the ideology of "if it's a different area code, it's not cheating," I think that's more of an "idiot-ology." Too many times I've been hit on by a woman with a ring (engagement and/or wedding), and it disgusts me, to be frank. Even if a woman has a boyfriend she is about to break up with... to me, it's wrong. I won't even consider flirting with a woman unless she is completely single.

GC: What is your favorite feature about women?
JR: Everything. I am a lover, not a fighter. I don't fuss over the fine points, I just love it all.

GC: How important is personality versus looks?
JR: I find the way that a woman walks, talks, and carries herself is more important to me than the way she dresses or make herself up. I don't care how gorgeous she is if she knows it and shows it off too much; that woman is far too ostentatious and superficial for me. One of our band's first singles is
called "Ugly Girl" (available on iTunes) and it's about a woman who sacrifices her personality for
looks. To me, that makes any woman ugly.

GC: What's sexier: A woman in a little black dress and heels, or a woman in sweat pants and a tank top?
JR: Depends what time of day. And where.

GC: In your opinion, what is the most important part of a relationship?
JR: Selflessness, honesty, and a healthy sexual attraction. I believe a sort of feral instinct takes place in any relationship that works... a sort of "pheromone cupid" strikes, if you will. From there, it's all about keeping it honest and selfless. It takes two to tango, right?

GC: What is the worst dating advice you have ever taken?
JR: "Say whatever she wants to hear." I forgot who told me that, but it's complete bull-shenanigans. Trying to be what she wants is a terrible idea. I try to find a woman who I can be myself around, and who can be herself around me. I hate when relationships change people, but it happens... sometimes for good and sometimes for bad, but when two people fall in love and are still the same people, that's true love. In my humble opinion.

GC: What first grabs your attention about a woman?
JR: Her eyes and her smile.

GC: Do you have any kind of hygiene regimen in the morning? Anything special you use on your skin, hair, etc?
JR: Haha! Nope. Just soap and water... I also brush my teeth with toothpaste, use deodorant, and I, occasionally, will shave.

GC: Do you prefer women with makeup or natural?
JR: Natural, mostly, but I've been known to be extremely attracted to the punk rock look. Though sometimes, it's a little too much and you can't tell how a woman will look when she wakes up; it's really about whatever makeup makes her feel more like herself and more comfortable with who she is, not the other way around. In other words, a woman who defines her makeup and doesn't let the makeup define her.

Blonde or Brunette? ---You forgot redhead. (Oy vey seriously thinking of jumping off Team Edward to Team Jasper - from Bee who is a redhead LOL)
Tall or Petite? ---In the words of Goldilocks, "just right."
Favorite eye color? ---I'm color deficient... I like eyes that smile.
Short hair or long hair? --- I don't have a preference, I guess... I've dated women with haircuts much shorter than my own and women with hair long enough to lasso the moon.

So there you have it ladies, do you have what it takes to become Mrs. Jackson Rathbone.....?