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Sneak Peek "The Beginning of the End"

Bill Condon Explains Using ‘Flightless bird’ on the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

Fans of the original “Twilight” soundtrack got a pleasant surprise when the recently released track list for "Breaking Dawn – Part 1" revealed that Iron & Wine’s melancholy ballad “Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)” was among the cuts. 
Twilighters — who are no doubt gearing up for Thursday’s “MTV First” with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at 7:56 p.m. on MTV and MTV.com — will recall that the song made its “Saga” debut in the closing moments of “Twilight” as Bella and Edward shared their first dance. And according to Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon, the retread of this memorable number was an important reference for him to make. 

“I always thought of this movie as the bookend to the first movie, and that was such a great powerful, romantic song for those characters,” he told MTV News during a phone interview last week. 
“It just felt right to kind of refer back to it at this important, important moment,” he added about “Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” the first of the two-part finale. 

Of course, Condon wouldn’t reveal exactly which important moment this song will accompany in the November 18 film, leaving fans to wonder whether its delicate strains will find their way into the wedding itself or perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Cullen’s first dance as man and wife. 
Condon did divulge, however, that the song is just one of many callbacks to earlier “Twilight Saga” films. “[There are] quite a few,” he confirmed. “Musically, I would say at the wedding there’s a jazz quartet that plays a couple of tracks from ‘Eclipse.’ 
Carter Burwell has come back to do the score. He did the first movie, so ‘Bella’s Lullaby’ features in this movie too.”
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OH MY GOD! How excited are you now? I absolutely LOVE that Bill Condon thinks this way!!!
Only 17 days left to go!

(well technically, at time of post, there's 16 days, 3 hours and 22 minutes until the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn... but who's counting?!)

New Cosmopolis Still with Eric Packer!

Reeeeeeally small right now but can you imagine HD?! 

New ‘Breaking Dawn’ BTS Footage From itunes

Cinemania interviews Robert Pattinson

"This actor from London makes us forget that he just turned 25, and that the media has turned him into the latest Hollywood heartthrob thanks to Twilight.
He arrives to our interview wearing a dark blue t-shirt, which is now faded from washing it too much perhaps, a sports navy blue jacket, yellow trousers and black Converse shoes. A hip look, but above all, simple. All pieces seem to come from his own closet. His attitude fits in with his style; simple, nice. He seems laid back when he talks about his career and his sudden fame; he laughs it off.

What’s most interesting is not his baby blue eyes, nor his obvious beauty, but a haircut for his movie Cosmopolis.

Has it been easier to play Edward as time passed by?
In a way it’s been harder because of the nature of the character, who is a vampire. That limits what you can do. You can’t sleep, you can’t eat, everyday is long. You live 100 years and you can’t relate to people, you can’t have an impulse or desire. The danger is to keep repeating yourself after awhile after playing the same character for 5 movies. You have to come up with new things to add. The great thing is that Bill Condon, everytime I was doing a scene and he felt like I was doing the same thing again, he would suggest me to change it and try something else. It wasn’t scary even if we had to do something that was not in the book.

Everybody is talking about the sex scenes…
The book is a great example on how to keep something censored, and at the same time erotic. It plays with people’s imagination. The sex scene is completely on the fans’ minds.But in a way it’s hard because when you do the scene, you need to show things, and not fade to black, or people would go nuts. It’s weird filming something people have been expecting for such a long time, knowing the expectations. I hope we do justice to it.

Your character and Kristen’s shared so many romantic times during the filming, especially the last day of filming.
The last day of filming in Saint Thomas was great. It was just Kristen and I. The only time we were able to film with nice weather. It was literally the last day of filming, and we were filming a scene in which we’re kissing in the ocean, all night. So it wasn’t a bad way to say goodbye. Then everybody stayed to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful.

Do you have a favourite Scene in this movie?
The birth scene is so different from the entire saga. It's so hardcore and gory, at least when we were filming it. There's not a way to tame it in the book. That's brave.

You said you were nervous of taking off your shirt this time.
When I did New Moon, someone in the studio said I needed a six pack and I had to work out. I had to look like a vampire, it was part of the character. As soon as they told me I neded a six pack, I stopped working out and I never did it again for the rest of the series. They realized they shouldn’t have told me anything. In this last movie I spent six weeks in Baton Rouge with nothing to do, so I started running. And then I started going to the gym and I became obsessed. I ran 14-16 km everyday. I even rode a bike. Until I got bored. Plus, when you’re filming, if you want to go to the gym you need to do it at 4 am. That’s just not worth it (he laughs in a very infectious way).

With this fame you have and your relationship with Twilight, do you think it will be harder to get the type of work that you really like the most?
Of course. Before Twilight I did castings for so many things, and I was always left on the top 3. They gave the role to someone who was already more famous than me, and I kept thinking how unfair it was, so I thought the only way was to become more famous. But when you’re super famous, you get offered tons of bad stuff, in movies where they’re not even concerned with the cast. And if you haven’t done much work, directors look at you like an unknown and there’s not stigma attached to your name. It’s harder to get some roles sometimes. It’s weird.

What did Cronenberg see in you that he chose to cast you?
Nothing. Just interviews. And he saw Remember Me. But this character looks like nothing I’ve ever done before.. When I first read the script, I thought I couldn’t play the character. I loved the script, but I was afraid. I said I called him in a week to find out if I wanted the part or not. I spent an entire week thinking how to say no. The only thing I thought was “Look, I can’t do this because I’m a coward and I don’t know how to play it (laughs really loudly). So I said yes, and told him I didn’t know what the story was about. He said he didn’t know either. So we started collaborating from that point on. I had never worked with a filmmaker that had so much confidence in himself. He just said everyday “let’s see what happens,” there were no rehearsals, nothing. It was insane.

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