Monday, June 7, 2010

**New** Eclipse stills & behind the scene pics

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Access Hollywood Interviews at MTV Movie Awards

‘Eclipse’ Cast Readies For ‘The Craziness To Start All Over Again’

Jackson Rathbone - There Will Be ‘A Lot More Visceral Vampire Action’ In ‘Eclipse’

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Robert - Backstage at the MTV Movie Awards - 3 x videos

Is Robs strength in his hair?

'Eclipse' Is 'Serious,' But In A Good Way

Did Robert practice The Best Kiss Acceptance?

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Backstage photo's of Kristen & Robert @ the MTV Movie Awards

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Kristen *talks from side of mouth* "Shh, just smile & take the photo"
Robert: "Ok, just so u know, I just farted"
Robert: "Hey, nice heels...(pause)"
Robert: "...No wonder you almost tripped"
Kristen: "Geez Rob, you can be such an ass lolz"

Rob & Kristen win best kiss at MTV MA's - Video

NEW Eclipse clip from #MTV Movie Awards

Kristen & Robert's i-think-that-touched-lip kiss @ #MTV Movie Awards

Here we go... *sits at edge of seat*
Closer... closer...
Sit's up ready to punch the air with glee...
*Holds breath*
Oh noes! *screams* KRISTEN!!!
NOT AGAIN KRISTEN! oh wait... GO ROB!! FTW! *shakes pom poms*
I love this pic - says it all!
Kristen: "DUDE, That was SO sneaky!"
Rob: "What can I say!? lolz"

Robert & Kristen collection of pics from the #MTV Movie Awards


Kristen Stewart on the Red Carpet @ the #MTV Movie Awards (HQ)

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Screencaps from the New Eclipse scene

Here's a few screencaps from the Eclipse clip that premiered on the MTV Movie Awards 2010! We'll post the scene itself as soon as possible!