Monday, February 7, 2011

Vote Rob as "Man of The Year", and Support WFE!

Vote for Rob, as Glamour UK's "Man Of The Year"
"Man Of The Year" is the second last option on the voting page.
Unfortunately, you must vote in all the other categories for it to work, but he's worth it!


Also, Robs next project "Water For Elephants" is nominated in the "NewNowNext" Awards as the
'Next Must-See Movie'
You can click here to vote for it, and support Rob!

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Robert Pattinson in New Vanity Fair Photoshoot?

Rumour has it that Robert Pattinson might be in another Vanity Fair - thanks to this tweet. 

In case you don't know, Annie Leibovitz is a photographer for Vanity fair.
You can check out some of her amazing work by clicking here.

Oh, I really really hope it’s true! She is legendary!
We'll keep you updated!! :D

This tweet has mysteriously disappeared...
Let's hope that doesn't mean it was a lie :(

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