Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Harry Potter World Cup: Goodbye, Cedric Diggory

Although Cedric Diggory was sadly beaten in the Harry Potter World Cup yesterday, the lovely people at MTV have put together a video, commemorating his short life.

It took three rounds and well over one million votes to make it happen, but here we are: Cedric Diggory is dead — again — and his dreams of winning the Harry Potter World Cup have died with him.

It's the understatement of the tournament to say that Cedric was a divisive figure in the World Cup. Whether you loved or hated his presence, there's no doubting that the pride of Hufflepuff's involvement in the competition inspired you to vote, vote and vote again in one direction or the other. Now, he's gone, felled by Rubeus Hagrid by over 81,000 votes. His loss signals relief for many and heartache for others, but no matter how you feel about his presence in the World Cup, you have to give the man credit: it was a flashy exit, if nothing else.

We've whipped up a little In Memoriam video to say goodbye to Cedric Diggory once and for all. Hopefully it's a fitting tribute for those of you who loved and voted for him. For the people who didn't care for Cedric and his place in the World Cup, well, at least you get to watch the bad man kill the spare again."

Adios, Cedric.

Well done for getting him so far! I hope he rests in peace.

Video: Taylor Lautner in Funny or Die's 'Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout'

As reported last Thursday, Taylor Lautner has starred in the biggest "Funny or Die" Sketch to date, titled: 

"Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout"

Check out the video below

And for those of you interested in some Behind the Scenes footage... check this out!

Edward Cullen -v- Harry Potter!

E! Online have started the battle of all Battles....
Fandom -v- Fandom...
Twilight -v- Potter...
Vampire -v- Wizard...
Edward -v- Harry.

Yeah, this could get messy!

Edward Cullen: He sparkles! He flies runs fast! He's the lion who fell in love with the lamb!
Robert Pattinson's brooding, mind-reading vampire is the tall, pale and handsome type that makes girls swoon.

Harry Potter: He's the Boy Who Lived!
Daniel Radcliffe's evil-battling young wizard is a living, breathing human who feels love, joy, pain, anger and sorrow. And with the help of a broom, he can fly, too.

Vote for who you want to win *Cough Edward* by clicking here.