Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Edward Cullen -v- Harry Potter!

E! Online have started the battle of all Battles....
Fandom -v- Fandom...
Twilight -v- Potter...
Vampire -v- Wizard...
Edward -v- Harry.

Yeah, this could get messy!

Edward Cullen: He sparkles! He flies runs fast! He's the lion who fell in love with the lamb!
Robert Pattinson's brooding, mind-reading vampire is the tall, pale and handsome type that makes girls swoon.

Harry Potter: He's the Boy Who Lived!
Daniel Radcliffe's evil-battling young wizard is a living, breathing human who feels love, joy, pain, anger and sorrow. And with the help of a broom, he can fly, too.

Vote for who you want to win *Cough Edward* by clicking here.

1 comment:

  1. Great. More Harry Potter fans insulting Rob.
    Wonder if they're gonna vote against Rob or Edward... even though "It's a vote for the CHARACTER not the ACTOR" as i was told about 20 times in the Potter World Cup lol
    Kinda sick of these polls, but i'm still gonna vote :)