Thursday, July 28, 2011

What would Rob, Kristen and Taylor camp out for?

In an interview with EmpireOnline, they told us!
Here's the original video:

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz Moving in Together?!

According to EOnline! Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are thinking of buying a place in New York together!

The Twilight hunk said that he's considering splitting an apartment with his castmate so they can both be bicoastal.

"I was talking to Ashley about maybe sharing a place out here in New York. We're never here at the same time but we both love New York. So we'd be rooommates without being roommates...more like housemates!"

"I really look forward to the tours, I love the premieres, I love the fan conventions, but shooting the movie is kind of the tough part. It's so long being away and it's gloomy where we shoot. I'm not sad that we're actually done with the movie because we have all these other amazing things coming up."

When the interviewer asked Kellan if he had seen Rob's new Comic-Con haircut, he laughed and admitted he hadn't, saying:
"I've only seen a picture of it. He looks pretty badass."

Thanks to Gossip Dance for the tip!

Edward Cullen Mention During American Baseball Game!

Kristen Stewart Smells!

Like grass...


According to Director Arthur Cohn (The Yellow Handkerchief), Kristen Stewart "smells like freshly mown grass, she never uses perfume."


Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz Reveal Potential ‘Breaking Dawn’ Blooper Reel Material!

Once word got out about our exclusive Comic-Con Q&A with the cast of “Breaking Dawn,” fans took to Twitter in droves to ask for the inside scoop on everything from behind-the-scenes gossip to the vampire stars’ preferred brand of body glitter! But when we sat down with Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, there were two questions that really stood out…and garnered a couple surprising answers.

First on the list: a “Breaking Dawn” blooper reel! Is this an Actual Thing we might see on the DVD?

Sadly, the stars couldn’t confirm—but if there is such a reel, Ashley knows exactly which behind-the-scenes shenanigans she’d most like to see on it.

"We kind of pulled a prank on the director," she explained. "The whole entire extended cast—like, every vampire coven—decided to plan out this dance, and do it instead of doing the scene."

We'll put in a pause here, so that everyone can gape in slack-jawed awe at the image of a thousand sparkly vampires doing the Tootsie Roll (or, even better, their own version of "Thriller"!) And Ashley revealed that their impromptu choreography had the desired effect: "Bill [Condon, the director] started hysterically laughing," she remembered. So if there is a blooper reel? "I think that would definitely be on there."

And now, the question on everyone's mind: do the "Twilight" stars ever google themselves, or read about themselves on Wikipedia?

"Oh, I have to read my Wikipedia page," Ashley said. "Because some people like to go on, and put untrue facts about you on it."

And while we'd ordinarily go on to ask who would ever do such a ghastly thing, Mr. Kellan Lutz's gleeful evilgrin leaves little question as to the identity of the culprit.

"What are you talking about?" he asked. "And how are your three kids doing?"

Should Kellan be punished for his nefarious Wikipedia-defacing activities? (Of course he should! Now who wants to spank him?)

5 New Stills From Jackson Rathbone's film "Aim High"

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