Sunday, December 20, 2009

Competition Winner + Surprise for 10 other entrants

So using a random generator to select the winner from 100's of entries we are delighted to announce that the prize (above) is winging its way to:

@robstenlovex in the UK

As a Christmas surprise and because the world can always use some more joy we will raid the Twilight Merchandise stocks and the following entrants will also receive a small prize:

@Simoned87 from The Netherlands
@wesrider from Australia

@melaniePott3r from Cyprus
@Josefin5 from Sweden

@steph6446 from USA
@Rachelbyrnexxx from Ireland
@AliBxxxx from Ireland
@clairewhill from UK
@toriaGRIFFIN93 from UK
& @SavvyAussie from Australia

If your twitter name is listed here please send me (Bee) an email with your full name & address to and I will endeavour to get your prize to you asap. Please bear in mind it is Christmas so it may take some time with posting etc.,

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. The response was unprecedented. Mel, Lorri & I look forward to running many more similar competitions so stay tuned and make sure to follow us on twitter. 

Happy Christmas & New Year to you and yours


Bee, Mel & Lorri.

Irish Twilight Sisters   

Now Magazines "Couple of the Week" - FAIL

So this "already debunked by GossipCop" story is being rehashed again....but what amuses this blogger is that in the same issue of Now Magazine that they call Robert & Lucie (I want more notoriety so will attach my name to RPattz) Jones "Couple of the Week" they have the following : Readers letters that talk about a previous article Now ran about Robert dating Stephenie Ritz his manager (also debunked).

Please source Irish Twilight Sisters if you repost all / part of this article. ~ Bee