Sunday, June 26, 2011

Channel 4 to show Twilight Next Sunday at 8PM?


Okay, so I am, in fact, one of the only people in the universe (it seems) not to have a digital TV service in my house - which means I have never seen a Twilight film that wasn't my own DVD/in a local cinema.
However, having finished watching "Bride Wars" on Channel 4 just now, i have just screamed the house down as the commentator announced that next week's film will be Twilight! :D

Ahem. Sorry.

I looked at the Ch. 4 website just there to confirm, but they have "transformers" down as next weeks film.
However, I am hoping that's an error and they're going to change that ;) We'll let you know...

Are you excited or am I alone in this? lol

Channel 4 have informed us that there was an error and they will NOT be showing Twilight this Sunday and there is no set-date for them to do so in the future as of yet.
Sorry for getting your hopes up everyone! :(