Sunday, June 26, 2011

Channel 4 to show Twilight Next Sunday at 8PM?


Okay, so I am, in fact, one of the only people in the universe (it seems) not to have a digital TV service in my house - which means I have never seen a Twilight film that wasn't my own DVD/in a local cinema.
However, having finished watching "Bride Wars" on Channel 4 just now, i have just screamed the house down as the commentator announced that next week's film will be Twilight! :D

Ahem. Sorry.

I looked at the Ch. 4 website just there to confirm, but they have "transformers" down as next weeks film.
However, I am hoping that's an error and they're going to change that ;) We'll let you know...

Are you excited or am I alone in this? lol

Channel 4 have informed us that there was an error and they will NOT be showing Twilight this Sunday and there is no set-date for them to do so in the future as of yet.
Sorry for getting your hopes up everyone! :(


  1. The beauty is in the first two films, and the books of course. They are wonderful, detailed and welcoming to the imagination. As for Twilight and New Moon, those two films alone are the best of the three that have come out so far but there are other ways of getting what you want without having to wait so long. Have you considered getting a service? I was in the same boat as you and was able to afford a very nice package with Dish Network at a very reasonable price and get a movie channel so I'm not waiting fever to see the films I want to see. I recently got a Sling Adapter from Dish Network for free thru a mail in rebate as it gives me the ability to bring movies with me that are in my programming package and gives me access to which is filled with tons of entertainment. Now yes there are tons of movies but thousands of TV episodes as well as scheduling of DVR events remotely if need be. My work for Dish Network requires a bit of travel which takes me away from my blog which focuses on the lead character in a movie and the actor during that point in his life and ties the two together. Having the Sling Adapter gives me access to all the movie packages I have in my service which I can watch while I travel. When I get home then I write on my blog to the all readers awaiting the next topic of discussion which coming November will be Breaking Dawn and the ongoing character we've been discussing since the beginning of the Twilight movie Saga. Look into your options so your not so frustrated.

  2. No wonder, I was soo confused. I went to tv guide just to make sure and select it but it wasn't there, I honestly screamed the house down when I saw that it was going to give and they showed the scene where they were in the forest and the sparkly vampire bit. They got our hopes up, I was really looking forward to watching it :/ They should show it soon though, I'm sure a LOT of people watching.

  3. I had gone so far as to buy in the wine and pop corn and was all ready for watching Twilight. I suspect someone has upped the price and channel 4 have said no.

  4. I did exactly the same grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  5. i was literally fuming:L iv'e never been so angry in my life, haha! i was looking forward to that the whole week:@ i actually cried.. this is what twilight does to me:L it makes me go crazy and totally all fan-girl.. but im proud.. a very proud twi-hard twi-fan:') best whip out the dvd instead then, some popcorn and the team edward t-shirt!;)