Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Three new 'Breaking Dawn' Comic-Con promo
character-cards revealed

Three Comic-Con promo character-cards from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 have been unveiled today by USA Today, as well as a new quote from director Bill Condon:
Bill Condon, director of the final two Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn, Part I (out Nov. 18) and Part II (Nov. 16, 2012), sees Cullen and Black as part of a long tradition of rooting for the noble monster, dating to the original Frankenstein film in 1931.

"We've always had a complicated relationship toward monsters. Don't you feel like in every Dracula movie, you're sort of wanting him to get away with it?" Condon says, laughing.

The two-sided cards feature “Bella” (Kristen Stewart), “Edward” (Robert Pattinson), and “Jacob” (Taylor Lautner) on one side, and mini-bios on the other.

Check them out below! (Click the images to make them bigger)
For “Jacob”, his group listing contains two names:
the Quileute Wolf Pack (a.k.a. “Sam’s” group), and The Black Pack, his own new pack, headed by him and followed by “Leah” and “Seth Clearwater.”

Appropriately, then, his quote is: “I am the grandson of a chief. I wasn’t born to follow you or anyone else.”

For “Bella,” the biographical information contains her full, married name for the first time (“Isabella Marie Swan Cullen”), considers her part of the “Cullen Coven,” and cutely lists her date of transformation as “TBD” (or “To Be Determined”).
Also, for special abilities, it is noted, “Her mind is impenetrable; no one can read her thoughts unless she allows it. She can shield herself from all types of physical attacks.”
The note also contains a quote from her: “Yeah, I’m ready.”

For “Edward,” little is new except his own quote: “I’ve been waiting a century to marry you, Miss Swan.”


Wow, there's been some Great Breaking Dawn goodies to start off Comic-Con week, hasn't there? :D